Vegas Odds On American Idol 2014

American Idol is a reality television singing competition, which is designed to find the best solo singing talent in the nation.  Thousands of pop star hopefuls will turn out for the 10 nationwide American Idol auditions, hoping to be chosen as a contestant in the competition.  Although thousands show up, only a handful will make it through the various levels of performance to the final rounds of competition. 

The show's popularity was unprecedented for a reality television program, reaching record numbers of viewers from the very beginning, and revolutionizing entertainment betting in a powerful way. Vegas Odds On American Idol are considered a precious commodity to die hard Idol loyalists, and have become a valuable tool in online entertainment sportsbook betting. 

Who Will Win American Idol Season 13?

Naturally it is way too early to speculate on who will win American Idol Season 13, but we can show you how things took shape for season 12. American Idol is as big as.... well, just about anything on the entertainment scene. There is just something special about watching an undiscovered talent go from Small Town, USA to Hollywood, and then on to singing stardom. This is season 12 for American Idol, and their first live results show revealed the top 10 finalists. The show ran a full 90 minutes, and each of the 10 finalists was allowed to sing a victory song.

This season saw no Wild Card performances as in the past, but a slight twist has been added. After the 10 lucky finalists sang their victory songs, it was revealed at the end of the show that the male singer and female singer who barely missed the finals cut will have a sing-off next week. The winner will attend as the bonus 11th contestant for this summer's Idols Live concert tour.

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And since gender quotas required that 5 guys and 5 girls make up the final 10, potentially powerful pop stars like Breanna Steer and Aubrey Cleland headed home.

On the guys' side, Elijah Liu, Nick Boddington, Charlie Askew and Vincent Powell were sent packing. The ladies who did make it through were comprised of Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb and Janelle Arthur. The current Vegas odds on American Idol singers reflect the fact that certain singers are coming off impressive performances, and appear to be runaway favorites. Angie Miller, Kree Harrison and Janelle Arthur are current Vegas odds on favorites to appear in the May American Idol finale.

And while the girls side seems to be more talented this season, you can never count the guys out as long as Burnell Taylor and Lazaro Arbos are in the final 10. Most Vegas odds on possible American Idol champions have those two singers as the most likely guys to make it to the season 12 finale, and Devin Velez, Curtis Finch Jr. and Paul Jolley also made it to the final 10. Those last three male singers are providing some pretty heavy odds, and could provide a potentially powerful payday for anyone who places a wager on them to go all the way.

No wild card rounds, a stronger ladies field, and a 90 minute final 10 episode sets up the final 10 American Idol season 12 winners for the homestretch drive. Did your favorite singer make it to the final 10? And who do you think earned the singoff for the bonus 11th slot? The eventual American Idol winner is anyone's guess at this point, and the Vegas odds on potential American Idol champions and change weekly, based on the strength or failure of a single performance. Make sure and check back here frequently to find out the odds on your favorite singer becoming the American Idol season 2013 champion.

About American Idol

Three judges critique the singers' performances, while a nationwide audience votes on the performances to determine who goes and who stays.  American Idol has turned out super stars such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and David Cook, all of which are house hold names throughout the USA. 

The show was created by Simon Fuller, and is a spin off of the British sensation:  Pop Idol.  American Idol is the only show to maintain a #1 Nielson rating for six consecutive seasons, making it one of the most popular television shows in TV history.  It is no wonder that fans are extremely enthusiastic about using applicable Las Vegas Odds On American Idol to enjoy exciting online entertainment sportsbook betting.

American Idol fans sit on the edges of our seats, waiting for the new season to begin and the new melodies to be sung.  The waiting is torturous, but always worth it.  Just when you think it can't get any better, each season manages to wow your socks off. 

As soon as the new season begins each year, you will find the most current and reliable Vegas Odds On American Idol posted right here, always updated in real time as the competition progresses.  Its the weekly event that we can't live without, and getting in on some betting action only makes it that much more thrilling!! 

Our Vegas American Idol Odds empower bettors to place informed wagers, take advantage of free bonuses and offers, and take a chance to become American Idol winners themselves, without leaving the comfort of their own home. News stories and blog post comments help us keep up to date on the media status of the contestants, while our odds information gives us the best predictions in the business. After all, we all want to know who will win American Idol Season 12!


Bet On Vegas Odds on American Idol 2014
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The following are the most current Las Vegas odds on American Idol 2014.

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