Vegas Odds On America's Got Talent 2014

The Las Vegas odds on America's Got Talent 2013 shows the eighth season of the reality talent competition delivering some truly amazing competitors. From illusionists Leon and Romy to shadow dancers Catapult Entertainment, from magician Collins Key to comedic hand balancing duo the KriStef Brothers, some of the freshest performing talent in America now has a chance to shine. Unlike The Voice or American Idol, America's Got Talent showcases more than just singers, with single and group performers from toddlers to senior citizens having displayed their unique talents this year. Classical singer Branden James joins acrobatic dance troupe Innovative Force and country singer Marty Brown as just a few of the hopefuls looking to cash the $1 million grand prize this season.

America's Got Talent Season Eight Results - Who Won?

The eighth season of America's Got Talent has come to a close, and the talented Kenichi Ebina has won this year's competition which means a contract to headline a Las Vegas show and a $1 million prize. We told you right here on this page that he was probably the most skillful of all the competitors this year, and his all-around ability outlasted talented performers like singers Cami Bradley and Forte, as well as comedian Taylor Williamson, who came in second place. The Las Vegas odds on America's Got Talent competitors listed Kenichi as one of the favorites, and this multitalented performer used dancing, mime, comedy and a spellbinding onstage presence to beat the field. AGT Season 9 auditions are just around the corner, starting in Miami, Florida on October 26. Check back here for the latest Las Vegas odds on America's Got Talent competitors for Season 9, and congratulations to Kenichi Ebina, the AGT Season 8 champion. If you want to watch any of the Season Eight episodes, you can do that at America's Got Talent NBC official website.

With this season wrapped up, its time to focus on the odds on the Voice and of course, the XFactor betting odds as well.

About America's Got Talent TV Show

America's Got Talent is a United States-based reality entertainment competition pitting solo and group acts against each other for a $1 million grand prize. Any stage performer is welcome to try out, and whether you or your group are 8 or 80, if you own a singular talent, you could be the next America's Got Talent millionaire. American Idol and The Voice are exclusively singing competitions, but America's Got Talent has been an outlet for singing and non-singing performers since it debuted in June of 2006 on NBC.

Open auditions are held in major cities like Los Angeles, New Orleans, Savannah, New York and Chicago, and for those talents that make it through their early performances, the famed Radio City Music Hall is the next stop. Magicians, musicians, dancers, singers, comedians and acrobats all have an equal opportunity to win the $1 million grand prize, as well as a chance at seeing their name in lights in Las Vegas. And even if your only talent is at spotting the next "diamond in the rough" in the entertainment world, you can backup your beliefs with a wager by betting on who you feel will be the AGT grand prize winner each year.

Las Vegas odds on America's Got Talent are posted at select sportsbooks online, and we update those odds here on this page frequently. After tuning into the exciting competitions on your television, you can then return here, check the updated AGT odds posted below, place a wager and cross your fingers. You may not be able to win $1 million like your favorite performer, but you can ride right alongside as you watch your wager march through the competition for a handsome payday.

America's Got Talent uses a combination of viewer voting and judges panel opinions to choose the best competitors every week. The competition usually starts sometime in June and ends in September, meaning there is a very small window of opportunity for the talented hopefuls dreaming of entertainment glory. From the 2006 grand prize winning singer Bianca Ryan, an incredibly talented 11-year-old at the time, to the 2012 winner Olate Dogs, an amazing dog trick act, you never know what you are going to find on America's Got Talent, but rest assured you will be enjoying the most diverse and talented performers that the United States has to offer.

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Bet On America's Got Talent 2014
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Las Vegas Betting Odds On Who Will Win America's Got Talent

The following are the most current Las Vegas odds on America's Got Talent 2014 and who will win the entire show.

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