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The television hit reality series Survivor is a wilderness survival competition that features a progressive elimination system in which contestants vote each other off of the show.  It is considered by most to be responsible for the Reality TV revolution in the United States as it was the first successful and profitable reality TV show to be broadcast. 

The show begins by dropping a group of strangers into a secluded wilderness environment in which they must provide their own food, water, shelter, and anything else necessary for survival.  The contestants participate in challenges to compete for rewards or for immunity from elimination during that week's competition. 

The group then votes to determine who gets kicked off the show.  It is a truly exciting and thrilling competition to watch, and even more exciting when there's a little bit of Vegas Odds On Survivor action on the side!!

Know Who is Going to Win Survivor 2014? Wanna Bet?

It is too early to try to come up with odds for the Survivor 2014 season, but here is how we speculated on the 2013 competitions. Survivor: Caramoan pits dedicated Survivor fans against popular past contestants in the 26th season of this groundbreaking reality survival contest. This is the first season that has ever seen a returning player voted out first, for the second time. That should have let you know that something was different about this veterans versus fans Survivor contest, and so far in 2013 we have also seen the exotic Caramoan locale serve as a backdrop for the first-ever forfeit of an Immunity Challenge before it had even begun! We are expecting the Survivor 2013 Vegas odds to take some interesting twists and turns this season.

Staying in the Philippines for the second consecutive season, this year began with two tribes of ten going head-to-head. The fans (The Gota Tribe) battled against 10 of their favorite Survivors from past seasons (The Bikal Tribe), and the blind-side merge has already occurred. Episode eight saw the two teams combine, as the newly named Enil Edam. Claiming that the name's meaning is "new beginning", Malcolm gets the new tribe to agree to that moniker. Actually, this is a hilarious attempt by Malcolm to honor his mother by spelling her name (Madeline) backwards.

Will this type of chicanery get Malcolm far? Or will the sometimes crazy like a nut, sometimes crazy like a fox Philip be left standing at the end of Survivor season 26? And is Dawn's incessant crying at some point during every episode real emotion, or just a psychological ploy to garner sympathy? All that is guaranteed in this year's Survivor season 26 on the beautiful Caramoan island chain is that Jeff Probst will oversee the crowning of another Survivor champ, and the traditional Survivor alliances and back-stabbing will surely have a heavy hand in determining the eventual victor.

About Survivor TV Show

There is a lot of drama, cut throat aggressiveness, and exciting action on the show.  The show has been done in several versions around the world, and was originally aired as a Swedish series called Expedition Robinson.  The show recently enjoyed its 10th anniversary, and remains a highly popular series in the United States. 

Several themed seasons have been aired, including Celebrity Survivor, and a recent Heroes versus Villains season.  While there is more reality series competition out there now, Survivor's ratings are doing just fine, and possibly in part due to enthusiasm for Las Vegas Odds On Survivor and some juicy sports book entertainment betting!

To have introduced America to the reality show phenomenon, and still be going so strong 20 seasons later is quite an accomplishment.  To help you survive in the entertainment betting lines, we've provided the most current and up to date Vegas Odds On Survivor available, always updated in real time as the competition progresses throughout the season. 

What better way to add some extra excitement to the outcome of the show than to stake a little personal wager on it? Our sports books and online betting sites featured on our site always provide the most trusted Vegas Survivor Odds, as well as the latest series news, blog posts and comments, and statistics to help you make the best wagers for you! Check out the free bonuses and offers, as well as the many betting lines and options available for entertainment betting!

Consider us your home away from home for all reality show betting odds! People and fans who love watching the contestants race to survive, living in some remote place and doing whatever they can to be the winning survivor will love getting involved in survivor online gambling.

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