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As you may have gathered from the name, singing is involved. However, the competition's structure, contestant progression, and celebrity presence on The Voice present an intriguing and dramatic approach to finding the industry's most promising and talented undiscovered 'voice'. The Voice is definitely a unique take on talent seeking, and creatively sets itself apart from similar shows such as American Idol and America's Got Talent. Below we've got the details on what promises to be a remarkable season of The Voice, as well as information concerning the odds for who will win The Voice. Many people are unaware that often times, reputable online sportsbooks that are licensed and regulated to provide their betting services to players in the US and around the world offer fans betting lines and Vegas odds on entertainment venues such as The Voice and other reality competition and awards shows.

NBC The Voice 2014 - Season 7

The Season 7 Finale of The Voice was a star-studded night with performances from music megastars, Season 7 finalists: Matt McAndrew, Craig Wayne Boyd, Damien and Chris Jamison, The Voice judges and contestants who competed throughout this past season. There was no shortage of entertainment and jaw dropping performances to edge the audience and contestants on to the main event of the evening: the announcement of the Season 7 winner of The Voice.

A few of the mega star appearances of the evening included Lynyrd Skynyrd who performed a duet with Craig Wayne Boyd singing Sweet Home Alabama; Jennifer Hudson who sang "Your World" with Damien Lawson; Fall Out Boy who performed with Matt McAndrew to the song "Centuries"; and Jessie J who was paired with Chris Jamison for a performance of "Masterpiece".

Season 7 Finalists for The Voice 2014The four finalists for Season 7 of The Voice came down to three members of Adam Levine's team: Chris Jamison, Matt McAndrew and Damien Lawson standing off against single Black Shelton team member Craig Wayne Boyd. All team members from Team Pharrell and Team Gwen were eliminated previously. The final performances in the competition took place on Monday, Dec 15th with the winner being announced on Tuesday, Dec 16th. Like other reality competition shows such as Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and America's Got Talent, the American audience at large selects the overall winner. If one of Levine's team members were crowned as The Voice for Season 7, it would give Levine his third win on the hit show, leaving him tied with Blake Shelton for number of season wins. If Team Blake pulls off the victory, then it would put Shelton at 4 winning seasons of The Voice. Clearly it is a big night for both contestants and judges alike. When it comes down to it, there are dual competitions present with The Voice and the judges want to win just as badly as the contestants want to. As you is made clear during the show's run, Shelton really enjoys his bragging rights.

Who Is The Winner of The Voice Season 7?

Despite being outnumbered three to one, Team Blake came out on top as Craig Wayne Boyd wins Season 7 of The Voice, showing that America is indeed in love with country music after all (sorry Taylor Swift). Below is his final performance for the competition as he sings one of Blake Shelton's original songs that he had yet to record himself. This extravagant gift to Boyd paid off as Team Black takes the win. Matt McAndrew came in second place, Chris Jamison took third place and Damien Lawson came in fourth.

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The Voice returns on February 23, 2015, and the lineup of judges for Season 8 has been finalized and will include Pharrell, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera who returns after a 2 cycle absence on the show. The show's ratings continue to climb as the show gains more momentum each season. For those new to this dramatic and intriguing competition reality show, the section below explains how the competition is structured and how the show works basically. You can watch full episodes and featured videos from Season 7 and all previous season at the NBC Official Website for The Voice.

About The Voice TV Show

This new and spicy talent show is based on the reality singing competition in the Netherlands named The Voice of Holland, and features some special celebrity judges and coaches who interact with the contestants, coach them as they progress in the competition and grow as singers, and of course, judge the contestants' performances.

Coaches on the last season include Pharrell, Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine, and Black Shelton. Additional advisers and coaches are invited to participate each season, and they also provide input with the judges/coaches regarding winners of each round. The judges' panel is where some of the best drama occurs, and they can at times be rather unpredictable, adding to the intrigue of the Las Vegas Odds on The Voice This season the original panel of judges returns to the show.

The Winner of the competition will receive a $100,000 cash prize, and a record contract with Universal Republic. That's quite the carrot being dangled in front of our contestants, and is clearly motivating and driving them to work hard, improve each week, and continue fighting the good fight as America, and sports betting enthusiasts sit on the edge of their seats to see the latest Vegas Odds on Who Will Win The Voice.

The Voice series is made up of three distinct phases, including a blind audition, a battle phase, and for the final rounds, the live performance shows. The four celebrity judges / coaches each select teams of participants through a blind audition process in which their backs are to the contestants as they audition. This ensures that nobody is judged on their appearance, and is solely chosen by a coach based on their voice quality.

If a coach decides they like a contestant, they hit the 'I want you button' on their chair and their chair then turns around to face the contestant who is singing. The coaches must make this move while the singer is performing. If nobody turns around during a song, then the singer is eliminated. If more than one judge turns around during the song, than the contestant gets to choose which coach they want to work with.

The first round provides an opportunity for each singer to be heard, and the Las Vegas Odds on Who Will Win The Voice begin to formulate and cook, preparing for the weekly transformation that takes place as the number of contestants is narrowed down to the final rounds of the competition. Each team of singers chosen to participate during the blind auditions will then be instructed, mentored, and have their talent and skills developed by their coach.

The second round consists of the battle phase in which coaches pair up members of their team to battle against each other by singing a duet together. The coaches determine who will sing against whom, and also who wins each battle round. At this point the coach/judge has a team member to help in the coaching and the judging.

The final phase of The Voice consists the remaining contestant competing against each other in live broadcasts where the television audience helps in determining who moves on and progressively narrowing the contestants down to one team member for each coach. Once the final four are determined, they will compete against each other in the finale, which is also a live show.

The excitement is heating up as the show heads toward the final phases of the competition. Do you have a favorite? Do you know who will win? If you enjoy trying to guess the outcome, while also placing a little wager on the winner, you can check out the latest Vegas Odds on The Voice to find out who the odds makers are rooting for, and who's got no chance. Of course, like a television audience voting for their favorite singer, the odds can be fickle, and we really can't be sure each week who will stay, and who will move on. And isn't that the way we love it!?

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Las Vegas The Voice Betting Odds

The Voice returns on February 23, 2015, and once the teams are set, you'll start to see the latest odds for who will win The Voice appear here.

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