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Named after a popular children's toy manufactured by Wham-O in the 1960's, the Super Bowl is far and away the most watched sporting event every year, and always ranks as one of the top television programs overall. Super Bowl I was played on January 15, 1967, with the Green Bay Packers taking that championship game as well as the second in 1968. Kansas City owner Lamar Hunt jokingly referred to the AFL NFL matchup as the Super Bowl, after he saw his child playing with a Super Ball. Hunt told the league that he thought the name could "be improved upon," but it resonated with the public, and there is no doubt that there is no improving upon the massive global popularity of the Super Bowl as a spectator event and sports gambling highlight of the year.

Super Bowl futures bets are offered almost year-long, and people who may not watch an entire NFL regular-season game all year even frequently wager on the outcome of the contest. We have seen decided favorites win easily, as in the 1986 Super Bowl when the dominant and well-rounded Chicago Bears destroyed a hapless New England Patriots team 46 - 10. And we have seen trash-talking underdogs like Joe Namath and the New York Jets defeat heavy favorites, in Namath's case the Colts team led by then future Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas and coach Don Shula. The Baltimore Colts took the field as 19 point favorites, delivering a huge money line win to anyone who believed the brash and confident Namath's poolside prediction of victory.

The culmination of the NFL playoffs, the Super Bowl often highlights impressive performances by rookies who just one season prior had been showcasing their talents in the NCAAF college football ranks. Peyton Manning, Deion Sanders and Terrell Davis were all standout players in college and during the big game, which claims 9 out of the top 10 most viewed TV spots of all time. As the second biggest eating day of the year in the United States behind Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl provides the National Football League gambler with the last chance at making several significant NFL wagers, and this is partially responsible for the estimated $10 to $12 billion bet on the NFL championship game every year.

Heading into the last few weeks each season, there are always opportunities to place a Super Bowl futures bet as to who you believe will be appearing in the big game. And this is one way savvy NFL gamblers pick up some really attractive odds. With some decent teams at 20 or even 30 to 1, if you can catch them peaking at the right time, you can cash in substantially on Super Bowl Sunday. And while the most popular bets are laying or taking points and choosing a side, the Super Bowl prop bets which are offered every year are in many cases just too interesting to pass up.

The National Basketball Association frequently has games played on Super Bowl Sunday, and just about every year you can bet whether the combined rebounds and assists of a popular NBA player will be more or less than the combined tackles and assists of a Super Bowl defensive player. You can even place a wager on the color of the Gatorade that you believe will be dumped on the winning coach. And in this day and age of social media and the World Wide Web, you can now place a Super Bowl wager on the over/under of how many tweets per second that #SuperBowl will appear on Twitter during the game. As a popular spectator sport with a plethora of gambling opportunities, the Super Bowl has proven year in and year out to be the most popular sporting event in the world.

About Betting On The Super Bowl 2014

Heading into Super Bowl XLVIII, the Denver Broncos will be squaring off against the Seattle Seahawks in the first ever cold weather Super Sunday game. These two teams were the very top seeded teams in the NFL for the 2013 season, and it is actually quite rare that those would be the two teams battling it out in the Super Bowl. It almost never works out that way. With the #1 offense playing against the #1 defense, this game promises to deliver anything but a predictable outcome. There are a lot of industry professionals and commentators who are skeptical about whether the cold weather will affect Manning's performance due to some previous questionable performances that were attributed to cold weather issues. Following a successful regular season that resulted in both Manning and the team breaking multiple records, most fans consider him the golden boy right now and are not worried that he'll succumb to cold weather curses. The Seahawks are coming off an equally successful season and though the odds are currently favoring the Broncos at this point, many commentators and experts are coming out in favor of a Seattle win. My money, its already on the Broncos. I do think Manning can pull of the most memorable performance of his career and prove all of the nay sayers wrong.

Super Bowl Betting Lines and Prop Bet Favorites for Super Bowl XLVIII

Super Bowl betting lines and prop bet odds can change frequently leading up to the game, however just a few days out they are solidifying quite nicely. Currently the odds are favoring the Broncos with a -3 in the point spread. The odds have been holding pretty steady the last few days, with minor adjustments being made to the moneyline. I placed my bet early as to avoid any increase in that point spread, which I'm sure would only go against me as a Broncos fan. I know many Seattle fans are waiting as long as they can just in case an improved spread turns things a little more in their favor than if they place an early wager.

This is the first Super Bowl in the history of the game to be played in a cold weather environment, and on artificial turf. Seattle, plays on artificial turf at home. This will probably make them feel quite comfortable at the 2014 Super Bowl, therefore giving you reason to favor them and their players in Super Bowl prop bets, although Seattle remains the underdog in the betting lines despite their familiarity with the turf. On the other side of the equation, Denver plays on natural grass in their home stadium. While this could possibly downgrade the team considering they will be battling not only their least preferred playing surface, but also exceptionally cold temperatures, however this has not affected the odds makers keeping Denver as the favorite.

Speaking of temperatures, of the teams fighting to win the Super Bowl, Denver is used to chilly temperatures, while the Seattle Seahawks are not. Then there are the always fun and hard to predict Super Bowl Prop Bets. Offering long odds in many cases, hit one of these, and you will feel like a Super Bowl winner yourself. Bovada is actually offering over 500 props bets and even party supplies to keep things hopping at your Super Bowl party.

You can place a wager on which individual and which team you believe will be the first to score. And if that isn't laser targeted enough for you, you can bet on which team and conference will win the coin flip, which kicker will score first, as well as the over/under on such statistics as total sacks, total yards, total touchdowns and total points scored by quarter, half and over the course of the entire Super Bowl. Betting Super Bowl betting lines, prop bets or futures allows you to enjoy wagering on the most viewed sporting event in the world every year. And the winner of Super Bowl XLVIII, played in MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey on February 2, 2014, is anybody's guess, just as it is every year.

Betting Odds On NFL Super Bowl 2014
There are few events in sports or any other arena that can compare to the Super Bowl. Hence, it only makes sense that finding the most accurate and up to date odds on NFL Super Bowl 2014 is a high priority for sports bettors world wide. Bovada Sports provides access to current odds and betting lines, as well as a substantial welcome offer of a 50% match bonus up to $250 for new players, and seasonal promos for return players. Bovada covers the entire NFL season in detail, as well as college football, and every other sports event that fans care about. You'll find a reliable and secure banking suite, competent customer support, a safe and secure gambling environment, and an overall high quality experience. Visit Bovada Sportsbook.

Use Visa to Bet on the 2014 Superbowl

Bovada Sportsbook just so happens to be my personal favorite when it comes to sports betting, particularly on the large events such as the 2014 Super Bowl betting odds. I play there every weekend, and have always used my Visa to deposit funds into my account. Bovada has one of the most successful track records for credit card transaction approvals. This is because they employe a sophisticated security profile to keep transactions secure, and they've invested in the top payment processors, as well as enhanced security provided by the Verified by Visa service. While I did appreciate US friendly ewallet services when they were around, using my Visa debit card anytime I want to bet is really a lot more convenient for me. I have not had even one issue in the years I've been betting at Bovada and Bodog. Visit Bovada Sports book.

Bovada sports accepts USA Visa payments to bet on football!

Las Vegas Super Bowl 2014 Betting Odds

The following information reflects the most current Las Vegas Super bowl odds, strait from the odds makers that drive sports betting magic around the world. There is no more exciting way to enjoy the Super bowl than adding a little sports betting into the mix. The following sportsbook highlighted even offers a mobile sportsbook portal, allowing you to enjoy mobile sports betting on your tablet PC or smartphone.

Odds On Who Will Win The Super Bowl XLVIII

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