07/17/12 7:27 PM

It is becoming more apparent that guard Jeremy Lin will not be returning to the New York Knicks. New York has acquired guard Raymond Felton from the Portland Trail Blazers in a sign and trade deal. The Knicks will be sending forward Jarred Jefferies to the Trail Blazers to complete the trade. Lin, who signed a three year 25 million dollar offer sheet with the Houston Rockets, has a 14.8 million dollar balloon payment in the third year of the deal making it very difficult for New York to match because of potential luxury cap taxes. Lin became a fan favorite and a nationwide media darling last season because of his rags to riches story.

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07/16/12 1:23 PM

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has agreed to a five-year 100 million dollar contract. 60 million dollars of the contract is guaranteed. He will receive 40 million dollars in the first year of the deal. Brees set NFL records for completions, completion percentage, and yards in 2011. The Cleveland Browns selected former Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon in the second round of the NFL supplemental draft on Thursday. He was dismissed from the Baylor program because of a failed marijuana test in 2010.

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07/12/12 11:07 PM

SYTYCD’s top-20 guys and gals were paired up to compete as couples for the first time. At stake are America’s votes to keep the lucky picks from feeling the judge’s fiery licks. The evening’s judges included Sir Nigel Lythgoe, Mamma Mary Murphy and mega-producer Kenny Ortega. Host Cat Deeley introduced spider-phobe Witney and Chehon-bot to the stage for a “sizzlin’ samba” act that left the judges wanting more of Witney’s fire! Mr. Ortega felt that Witney “”kyrocketed” into space, and Nigel called her a “firecracker;” but, unfortunately, Chehon-bot’s ultra-technical dance training left him pigeon-toed and compensating throughout the routine. All judges agreed that he needed to take in a small dose of “chill.”

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07/12/12 10:55 PM

America has done its civil duty once again, as they selected the next contestants that will get closer to competing in the AGT final showdown. While America chose their top-three faves, the judges picked the fourth and final leaf that may possibly reign, in clover, by the end of the grueling competition. Nick first called Tim Hockenberry and “Turf” to the stage. After “Turf”s de-formance last episode, Howie professed that “Turf” wanted an AGT win more than any other contestant. Meanwhile, Howard stood alone among the judges with his opinion that Tim Hockenberry

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07/12/12 8:24 PM

It seems like the Dwight Howard saga has been put on hold by the Orlando Magic. Orlando explored several trade scenarios but just could not pull it off. At first the Brooklyn Nets were a suitable trade partner but when Orlando and Brooklyn needed other teams to complete the trade the deal fell apart. This is not the end of the Howard sweepstakes. The Nets signed center Brook Lopez to a 4 year 61 million dollar contract. Lopez would be the key player Orlando would want to complete any Dwight Howard deal. The Los Angeles Lakers entered trade discussions with Orlando and was offering center Andrew Bynum but Bynum would not agree to sign a contract extension with the Magic and Howard would not do the same for the Lakers […]

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07/11/12 6:28 PM

While America celebrated its birthday, the next twelve finalists prepped for their pivotal post-4th of July performances; and last night’s second-round quarterfinals did not disappoint.  Nick Gannon was back to his fashion senses and promptly began the evening’s AGT proceedings. Howie warned the contestants that they must give the best performances of their lives, or they’re “steppin home.”

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07/08/12 3:20 PM

The acquisition of Steve Nash by the Los Angeles Lakers has placed them right back in the NBA title chase. Last season the Lakers struggled all season at the point guard position. First, Los Angeles had Derek Fisher start and he just could not keep up with the younger point guards in the league. Then at the trading deadline the Lakers traded for Ramon Sessions from the Cleveland Cavaliers. His problem was he could defend but he had some problems shooting the ball and making the rest of the team better. Steve Nash can no longer defend but he can still score and get the ball to Gasol, Bynum, and Bryant. The Lakers are going to try to outscore teams next season.

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07/06/12 1:23 PM

The Major League Baseball (MLB) All Star Game pits the year’s best players from the National League against those from the American League, and the game known as the “Midsummer Classic” sports a lineup selected by fans, coaches, players and managers. The 2012 MLB All Star Game is played this year on Tuesday, July 10, at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, and symbolically marks the halfway point of the Major League Baseball regular season. With no games the day before or after this fan favorite, the players can focus on winning the game, which provides the winning league with home field advantage the World Series.

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07/04/12 7:32 PM

The first 12 America’s Got Talent performers, who kicked off the New York leg of the competition, have waited a grueling 24 hours, and their million dollar fates have been revealed. Host Nick Gannon showed that he appreciated the seriousness of the occasion by sporting a Boo Boo the fool fashion eyesore: pimp purple velvet jacket, pink and blue candy cane tie, and a fake orange and yellow lapel flower.

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07/04/12 6:48 PM

There have been a lot of moves in the NBA free agent market over the last several days. The biggest news is the re-signing of Brooklyn Nets guard Derron Williams. Williams signed a five year 98 million dollar contract. Along with Williams the Nets have traded for Atlanta’s Joe Johnson and signed Portland’s Gerald Wallace to put together a pretty good trio. Now the big decision for Brooklyn is whether to enter the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. One of the rumors is the Nets would have to give up Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, and promising guard Marshon Brooks to acquire Howard.

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