07/03/12 6:17 PM

The judges have made their selections, and now the fate of the final 48 rests in America’s red, white, and blue hands. Contestants battled it out in the America’s Got Talent quarterfinals on a live stage in glittery New York City, err…New Jersey, at Newark’s NJPAC Center up the street from the whino-ridden bus depot and Jersey’s murky Passaic river. It’s not exactly the bright lights of Broadway for these hopefuls, but if they close your eyes and take a whiff, it all smells the same.

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07/03/12 3:26 PM

The free agent signing period began on Sunday and there have been some interesting moves. The Houston Rockets have signed Chicago Bull free agent Omer Asik to a three year 25 million dollar contract. The interesting part of this contract is the third year of the deal Asik will be paid 15 million dollars this type of deal is called a “poison pill” contract. The Rockets by structuring the contract with a large third year payout makes it nearly impossible for the Bulls to match it.

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07/02/12 1:02 PM

The NBA draft was Thursday night and the New Orleans Hornets made two franchise changing picks. The Hornets had the first pick of the draft and selected Anthony Davis of Kentucky. Davis at one time was a 6-3 guard in high school being recruited by mid-major programs and then he grew eight inches by his senior year and signed with Kentucky. Davis is the total package. He can run the floor pass and block shots with the best in the NBA right now. He has to improve his offensive game and gain some weight to mix it up with stronger power forwards in the NBA.

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06/29/12 3:15 PM

SYTYCD went live from a Hollywood stage where host Cat Deeley introduced judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Zooey Deschanel-NBC-affiliate and obvious token guest. This was the show’s monumental 200th episode, and the night’s riveting performances proved why the show is still a success. This season, there will be two winners-one favorite guy and one fabulous diva. Thirty-five dancers awaited their fates in the bull-pen to see which 20 dancers would move on to perform during the live Hollywood show.

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06/28/12 7:40 PM

Emotions ran high for both judges and contestants alike on stand-by performance day at AGT. The “nominal” talent fought to prove their worth on the Vegas stage in the head-to-head battle for the remaining New York spots. The “Hawley” hot-chick elevator trick and “Jarrett and Raja’s” mini-symphony conjuring won the two hoodoo acts New York spots. But 54-year-old Giani’s mind-reading spelling misstep summoned him a one-way ticket back “h-o-e-m.”

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06/28/12 3:46 PM

The NBA draft is tonight and it seems there is a consensus number one pick Anthony Davis to the New Orleans Hornets. After that it is anyone’s guess. Several teams are talking to the Charlotte Bobcats about trading up to their pick which is second. The hottest rumor was the Cleveland Cavaliers trading up from number four to select guard Bradley Beal from Florida. A sticking point in potential deal with the Bobcats is Charlotte wants to dump Tyrus Thomas and his large contract in the trade. Thomas still has three years on his contract and is owed over 25 million dollars.

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06/27/12 7:34 PM

The heated competition continued for the remaining judge favorites during Vegas week. Magicians, singers, comedians, and kids all performed like it was their last chance to make it big – and for many, it was. It all ended with fewer acts set to compete in the New York phase of the million-dollar competition. Eric Dittelman astounded the judges with his mind-reading skills, setting the tone for the magician category. Eric was able to pierce

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06/27/12 6:26 PM

The King is dead. Long live the King! There is no doubt the Bowl Championship Series which began in 1998 has delivered princely sums of money to the NCAA football royalty that participated in it every year. There is also no denying the unending annual arguments about the viability of the entire program. The participants in the annual BCS National Championship Game of Division I college football are the two teams ranked the highest in the BCS year end standings. Those rankings are obtained by averaging the Harris Interactive media poll, six separate participating computer rankings, former players and coaches and the final weekly USA Today Coaches Poll of the season.

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06/26/12 6:23 PM

The chosen Vegas few arrived in sin city, and they were quickly confronted with the un-pleasantries of this already exhausting competition. Before the hopefuls could begin to form new friendships with one another, the “All About Business” AGT judges summoned the prospects to the Palazzo hotel and casino. They all received the astonishing news: some unfortunates would see Vegas, but Vegas wouldn’t be seeing them perform any time soon, since they will be sent home.

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06/26/12 5:33 PM

Jared Sullinger has not been invited to the “Green Room” at the NBA Draft on Thursday night. The green room is where the top prospects in the draft wait with loved ones until they are selected. During the NBA combine in Chicago Sullinger took a physical and it was determined by the NBA doctors that Sullinger had a bulging disc in his back. The doctors notified all the teams in the NBA that drafting Sullinger in the first round would be risky because of his back condition.

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