06/24/12 8:13 PM

With his win last week at the Michigan International Speedway (MIS), Dale Earnhardt Junior brought an end to the four-year, 143 race losing streak that had begun to define him as a NASCAR racer. His last victory? It came on Father’s Day four years ago, where he ended a 76 race losing streak right here at MIS. Year in and out the most popular driver in all of NASCAR, the win came once again on Father’s Day, a befitting venue for the man whose father was one of the all-time greats, and whose fans still religiously wear black #3 gear every race day. That win also vaulted Earnhardt Junior into second place in the Sprint Cup standings. Matt Kenseth currently sits in the number one spot in the Sprint Cup […]

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06/22/12 7:54 PM

The Miami Heat won their second NBA championship last night and they deserved it. LeBron James has put away any doubt who is the best player in the NBA. Also there is no doubt that the Heat is LeBron James team. Erik Spoelstra proved that he can coach a championship team. The much maligned Miami Heat bench stepped up in crucial moments to hit the big outside shot. What was impressive that a different player stepped up at crucial times to help the Heat to victory.

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06/22/12 1:12 PM

Auditions are over, and it was Vegas week in So You Think You Can Dance land. Contestants were put to the test to see who will make it to the end of the week to land a top-twenty spot. Dancers were either sculpted into gyrating excellence or sent home. This season’s judges are “King Crumper” Lil’ C, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, Tyce “Jazz Hands” Diorio, Mary Murphy, and Sir Nigel “I Run This Mutha” Lythgoe. Dancers faced eight grueling rounds of callisthenic hell.

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06/20/12 8:29 PM

Contestants in audition city Tampa Bay, Fla. welcomed America’s Got Talent with open arms and eccentric performances. “The Untouchables” literally kicked things off in kick-ball-chain salsa style. The Miami-based colorful crew of a great many eight to thirteen year olds jammed the AGT stage for another shot at fame and stardom. These tots rocked to a J Lo tune while beaming through braces the entire performance.

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06/20/12 4:19 PM

For all intents and purposes the NBA Finals ended last night when the Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder. Unlike the San Antonio series where the Thunder stormed back to win the Western Conference finals by using their youthful legs that is not going to happen to the Heat. Oklahoma City is a good young team that with some improvement and some tweaking of the roster they will be a championship contender for years to come. What has killed the Thunder in this series is crucial plays at crucial times. Miami has shown their experience in these situations by making the crucial play whether hitting a key shot or grabbing a rebound to stall a Thunder comeback.

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06/19/12 9:39 PM

The College World Series is the annual NCAA Division I Baseball Champion Series held in Omaha, Nebraska, taking place this year June 15 through 26 at TD Ameritrade Park. We are already down to the final 6 teams that have a chance to be crowned NCAA Division I champs, and in Tuesday’s June 19 bracket one elimination game UCLA goes up against the strong pitching of Florida State. Each team has already compiled one loss, and in this early double elimination bracket play that means the loser of this contest will have to go home. The winner of the UCLA/FSU game Tuesday will move on to Thursday’s meeting with undefeated powerhouse Arizona. If the winner of the UCLA/Florida State contest beats the Wildcats on Thursday, they would have a rematch […]

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06/19/12 8:38 PM

The last of the America’s Got Talent auditions have screeched to a halt. Desperate hopefuls from all six of the remaining cities performed for one last shot at a Las Vegas spot. Performing pig owner Thea pranced her pink tutu-wearing pet “Smoochie” across a stage decorated for pig play: a one-step ladder, squeaky toys, and a snout-ready mini-piano. But it was on the lackluster floor mat where the Smooch-ster performed her best stunt-siesta.

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06/18/12 4:37 PM

The Miami Heat have learned some lessons from last season’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals. The Heat did not play well in the fourth quarter but did enough to go up 2-1 over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Miami’s experience really came through last night. Oklahoma City just could not get anything going on offense last night and score their lowest point total of the playoffs. Miami frustrated the Thunder with tough physical defense and on offense the Heat used power moves and decisive cuts to attack the Oklahoma City basket.

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06/15/12 8:25 PM

The $8 million purse is certainly attractive, and the Olympic Club Lake Course in San Francisco looks incredible, and just flat being able to make a living playing golf has got to make every PGA Tour professional wake up with a smile on his face. But the 112th U.S. Open is after all a Major event, and since most of these guys really don’t have a problem paying their bills, it’s all about that Major Grand Slam title. Many of those in the running have never taken down one of the four major grand slam golf championships, and the active player with the most grand slam titles, a guy by the name of Tiger Woods you may of heard of, is lurking and ready to pounce.

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06/15/12 3:18 PM

The Miami Heat played the perfect game to defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder last night. It was not perfect in appearance but it was perfect in strategy. Miami slowed the game down and attacked the Oklahoma City defense with quick, decisive, and powerful moves. LeBron James stopped playing a finesse game and used his major asset on offense: power. What can you say about Shane Battier the first two games? He is playing the way he did with the Rockets and Grizzlies. Battier gives the Heat a solid outside shooter and above average defender on the wings. Also he is a smart player that is not going to make stupid mistakes to hurt your cause.

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