05/17/12 8:07 PM

The final three aspiring stars performed on “American Idol” on Wednesday night, each one striving to produce what the judges call “a moment,” with a view to winning a spot in next week’s finale. The three diverse contestants-Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez, and Phillip Phillips— each sang three songs: the first being the judges’ choice, the second their own choice, and the third chosen by mentor and producer Jimmy Iovine. The show also featured hometown visits for each of the contestants, complete with parades, concerts, fireworks, and interviews.

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05/17/12 8:05 PM

The second night of “America’s Got Talent” in San Francisco saw the conversion of Howard Stern and proved that someone truly can turn his shoulder inside out. A street performer who was homeless for two years before earning enough money to get his own apartment, Alonzo Jones, aka “Turf,” had both judges and audience alike with their mouths agape as he danced, then repeatedly turned his shoulder inside out to contort his body into unimaginable positions. If you’ve never seen someone pop his shoulder forward, tune into future episodes of “AGT” as Turf goes to Vegas for the finals.

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05/17/12 8:03 PM

Many people say the NBA playoffs are “games of adjustments.” For the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat the adjustments have begun. The Lakers were blown out by the Oklahoma City Thunder in game one of their series. Los Angeles has not been able to handle the Thunder’s wide open play in their previous matchup’s in the 2011-2012 season. Thunder guard Russell Westbrook has had this way against Los Angeles this season. Also, Kevin Durant poses a serious match up problem for the Lakers.

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05/17/12 8:01 PM

The four semi-finalists danced tonight on “Dancing with the Stars”, seeking to earn one of two spots in next week’s finale. For the most part, you have to admit that America has largely gotten it right: all of the stars are talented dancers and have steadily improved over the season to get to this point.   At the beginning of the show, we were promised “emotionally-charged stories” of how the stars got to where they are today. In other seasons of DWS, these stories have bordered on the melodramatic and whichever star can tell the most wrenching story is sure to gain the most votes that week.

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05/17/12 7:57 PM

What does a rapping grandmother, a bugle playing Bird and an Opera singing advertising manager have in common? They all heralded the arrival of the inaugural America’s Got Talent 2012 audition week, and this group of performers definitely proved that San Francisco contains a very eclectic population to say the least. But AGT didn’t come to San Fran just to showcase the poorer performers, and the first time the popular reality talent program showed up in Frisco proved that the city has something to offer America aside from the Golden Gate Bridge and Rice a Roni.

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