08/27/12 3:10 PM

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox are about to pull off a mega trade that will influence the pennant race in the National League and both teams for years to come. Boston will trade Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto to the Dodgers. Los Angeles will trade James Loney and four minor league prospects. The Dodgers are acquiring a proven talent in Gonzalez who terrorized National League pitchers while he played in San Diego. He will give Los Angeles some needed pop in the batting order. Crawford and Beckett are considered gambles for the Dodger organization.

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08/24/12 3:43 PM

The remaining 10 opened last night’s SYTYCD show with a Gene Kelly tribute that was filled with staple-era costumes and well-executed moves that would have made the legendary choreographer proud. As if the remaining 10 contestants didn’t have enough to worry about, the SYTYCD powers that be decided that it was a good idea to pair them up with all stars from seasons past.

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08/23/12 11:30 PM

At the start of the show, it was quite appropriate for host Nick Cannon to note that throughout last night’s performance, not one single act was “X’d”- an AGT first. But the ultra-talented contestants didn’t have long to wallow in the distinction because it was soon time to send the majority of them packing. Little Rascal shoo-in Sebastian beat out dental warriors “Bandaz Brothers” and the daring Ben Blaque, who must now resort to shooting darts at his local bar.

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08/23/12 7:21 PM

When Major League Baseball expanded the playoffs to add another wild card team the reasoning was to add more excitement to the season. Mission accomplished: the 2012 season is shaping up to be the most exiting so far. It has the potential to succeed the nail biting and historic finish of the 2011 season. In the American League five teams are within 31/2 games of each other in the Wild Card race. Of the five teams four still have a realistic chance of winning their division. That is how close the races are in the American League. Wild Card leader Tampa Bay has been playing

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08/22/12 10:51 PM

After recovering from the shameful lack of talent it suffered from last week’s YouTube show, the AGT stage experienced some of the best talent it has seen to date. Last night was the “Wild Card” show in which each of the three judges had the opportunity to bring back four of their favorite acts from AGT past to compete for a spot in the semifinals. These underdogs brought a wave of talent fury to America!

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08/22/12 7:35 PM

The Ohio State Buckeyes will be ineligible for the Big Ten championship and post season play but, they will play a big part on the Big Ten race in 2012 and potentially the discussion about who is the best team in the nation after the season is over. That is because the Buckeyes could be a lot better than most experts think. When Coach Urban Meyer took over the program in early January of this year the Buckeyes were heading for one of their worst recruiting classes in years. Then Meyer turned on the charm and finished strong on the recruiting trail and the Buckeyes finished in the top ten according to many experts.

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08/20/12 3:33 PM

The college football season is less than two weeks away and many experts are saying that USC has a solid chance to dethrone the top SEC team for the Bowl Championship Series. The Trojans are coming off a post season ban for breaking NCAA rules concerning former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush. USC before the violations was the only team in the nation who could match up physically and athletically with the top teams in the SEC.

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08/17/12 6:49 PM

America was asked to do a truly patriotic thing last night. They were asked to vote for their favorite AGT YouTube contestant from a pool of fools. But before Nick “curly-mop top” Cannon could read off their fates, gold-medal winner Gabby Douglas graced the AGT stage and the audience was overflowing with American pride for the deserving sweetheart. When the heartfelt praise fizzled, however, “Cast in Bronze,” “Reverse Order” and “Academy of Villains” were first up on the chopping block. The masked mid-life crisis that is “Cast in Bronze” grew a tad impatient with all of the criticism, and he affirmed that “no one on this planet knows this instrument exists; I brought it out of the tower.” What this guy fails to realize is that his bell-toll, ding-a-ling clunker […]

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08/17/12 1:43 PM

The Olympics are finally over and the remaining SYTYCD dancers can now stop flexing to the bevy of national anthems and get back to business. Their mission this week was to realize their own victories through Mia Michaels’ choreography from past SYTYCD seasons, but few were up to the challenge. “Ballet Boyz” Billy Trevitt and Michael Nunn joined Mary and Nigel at the critic’s circle, and the dancers opened the night with a group performance that can best be described as a sadomasochistic pump parade on meds.

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08/16/12 5:10 PM

When Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto went down with a knee injury a month ago many thought the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals would pass the Reds in the standings. Those who thought that would happen have been proven wrong. Instead the Reds have gone 21-8 without Votto and have extended their lead in the National League Central to 7 games over both Pittsburgh and St. Louis. The Reds have extended their lead because of consistent starting pitching, improved hitting, and a lights out back end of the bullpen.  The Reds have only used five starting pitchers all season and off season acquisition Mat Latos after a shaky start has been outstanding. Latos along with Johnny Cueto give the Reds a potent one two punch in their […]

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