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Here at Vegas Odds On NFL football delivers a lot of excitement every year. Easily the most popular and most viewed of the four major sports in the United States, the NFL also claims dedicated fans and gamblers from all around the world. The 2013 NFL regular season kicks off this year on Thursday, September 5, as the Denver Broncos play host to the Baltimore Ravens in a rematch of last year's AFC Championship game. NFL games consistently rank as some of the most viewed programs on television every year, and many of those viewers have spiced up their NFL enjoyment by placing a wager on a game.

Typical wagers on National Football League action include bets on the side and total, but advanced forms of NFL betting include futures, teasers, parlays, props and half-time bets. NFL betting action is a billion dollar a year industry both online and off, and for that reason Las Vegas odds on NFL 2013 Super Bowl champions are already out. This allows gamblers the option of placing a wager before the season even begins on which team they believe will win the most viewed sporting event of the year. Many online sportsbooks even offer you the ability to bet on the total number of wins each NFL team will achieve, as well as how far they will advance in the playoffs, before they have played their very first regular-season game.

About NFL Football And Betting Odds

Every year in the National Football League, 32 teams play 16 games each in the hopes of making it to the NFL Playoffs. The league is divided into two conferences, the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference, and 6 teams from each of those conferences make the playoffs each year. Single elimination play ensues, and the AFC champion meets the NFC champion in the Super Bowl for the NFL title, a contest which is annually the single most heavily wagered sports event of the year.

Each NFL regular season is also prefaced by a preseason, and smart gamblers will watch these "meaningless" scrimmages to get a better feel for how each team will perform when the games actually count. Every year a few big-name, marquee players sustain season-ending injuries in the preseason, and the veteran football gambler can use this information to quickly place a corresponding wager on the outcome of that player's team. The better sportsbooks online offer mobile gambling applications for your smartphone and portable PC, and this allows you to act instantly on any piece of NFL information you receive.

As you know, most of the National Football League athletes you watch play on Sunday previously played on Saturday in NCAAF games. Popular athletes from big-name colleges which move on to the NFL can often times move betting lines simply by going to one particular team or another in the NFL Draft each year. Betting on NFL games is big business, and has grown so popular as to include the ability to place a wager on your predictions of where the top college athletes will go each year in the annual NFL Draft.

Whether betting on individual NFL football games, half-time totals, or proposition bets far into the future, intelligent NFL gambling online means getting the best number. We here at Vegas Odds On hold multiple accounts at several online sportsbooks. This gives us the ability to always get the best possible number, no matter what type of NFL bet we are looking to make. The veteran football bettor understands that 1/2 point here and there can make a big difference in whether or not you enjoy a winning session or week, and can even be the difference between a losing and winning season. Always shop around for the best number when you bet NFL contests, and return here for the most reputable online sportsbooks which offer support for US players.

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