It’s AGT Decision Time – The Winners Shine and The Losers Step

America has done its civil duty once again, as they selected the next contestants that will get closer to competing in the AGT final showdown. While America chose their top-three faves, the judges picked the fourth and final leaf that may possibly reign, in clover, by the end of the grueling competition.

Nick first called Tim Hockenberry and “Turf” to the stage. After “Turf”s de-formance last episode, Howie professed that “Turf” wanted an AGT win more than any other contestant. Meanwhile, Howard stood alone among the judges with his opinion that Tim Hockenberry didn’t bring the A-game with his piano-man bit. Well, America disagreed with Howard and sent Tim to join “Turf” as the first two of the evening’s final AGT four.

Howie then alleviated the anxiety in the air with a hidden camera prank on the contestants, but the crowd was all smiles after cool guy Gavin Degraw gave a “Sweeter” performance.

The fun was short-lived, however, when the “Lisa Clark Dancers,” “The All Ways,” “Aurora Light Painters,” and “Big Barry” all learned that none of them would be seeing the lights of another AGT stage, as they were all sent home by America’s vote.

Before Big Barry began his walk of defeat off the stage, Howard reminded Barry that his harsh comments about Barry’s lack of talent last episode were not personal. An overly sympathetic Nick insisted on hugging Barry and probably would have carried him off the stage if he didn’t have a job to do.

To the audience’s delight, a beaming Tom Cotter beat out “LionDanceMe” and “Hawley Magic” during the next elimination round. Now stiff neck man-Hawley will never get a chance to show off the new “cool” moves that Nick taught him, “youknowwhati’msayin?”

The kids from New York City’s hot downtown acrobatic show “Traces” literally jumped through hoops to please the crowd that was all “Ooos!” and “Aahs!” by the end of their act.

But it was back to business on stage when Nick summoned the final three acts: Ben Blaque, Danielle Sallings and “Donovan and Rebecca.” Ben Blaque’s balloon-popping fetish deflated America’s votes for his daredevil antics, leaving on the stage cutie pie Danielle and the lovebird acrobats to duel it out for the judge’s final vote.

When Nick asked both acts for reasons why they should be saved, acrobat Rebecca chose to take the sleazy path and said that there are other ways to lift partner Donovan, while an innocent Danielle chose to keep it respectable saying that a vote for her would make her dreams come true. But uncles Howie and Howard both chose to dash Danielle’s AGT hopes, opting instead so see the other (perhaps, 41?) ways that Rebecca might lift Donovan in the finals.

Next week, another batch of 12 prepares to get basted on the hot AGT stage.

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  1. Maybe those guys would have thought twice if they had heard Rebecca’s disgusting response – and on national TV!! Some people have no class!

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