More Than The Eye Can See

What a performance last night by LeBron James with 45 points 15 rebounds and 5 assists but this game had a familiar look. It looked like a lot of the playoff games he had with the Cavaliers especially after the first round of the playoffs. James would control the ball and the other four players would spread out and become spectators as LeBron would shoulder most of the burden on offense. I am telling you this series is not over. Boston has a veteran team and a good coach and he will come up with a game plan that can work versus the Heat. Boston’s Doc Rivers knows that LeBron can beat him individually so he will force the ball out LeBron’s hands and make Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh beat him in game seven.

Another plus for the Celtics is that they have won before on Miami’s home court. The Heat bench has to come through in game seven and take some of the pressure off of Miami’s big three James, Wade, and Bosh. It’s going to be interesting to see how Chris Bosh holds up in game seven. He is just coming back from an injury and his ability to play big minutes in a big game will be crucial for Miami to advance to the NBA finals.

Oklahoma City is just waiting to see who they will play in the finals and because the Eastern Conference finals went seven games the Thunder will be rested and should be able to “steal” game one of the NBA finals. The Thunder are a matchup nightmare for anyone. Kevin Durant is the best pure scorer the NBA has seen in quite a while. Russell Westbrook has grown up as a player during this season’s playoffs. Once known as a shoot first point guard he has matured into a guard that can step back offensively and distribute the ball to his teammates. His ability to turn on his offense at crucial times has made the Thunder a lethal team. James Harden is just red hot off the bench.

The New Jersey Devils can “steal” a game in game five of the Stanley Cup finals. The Los Angeles Kings were primed to win their first cup in the franchise’s   history but the Devils came up big in game four to extend the series.  The travel cross country favors the Devils and if they win game five you never know what might happen. The Kings will probably win the series but a win by the Devils will make the task more difficult.

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