Can Anyone Take Down the Kentucky Wildcats in March Madness Tournament?

The Kentucky Wildcats are going to enter the NCAA March Madness tournament with a perfect record in the regular season. The extremely talented Kentucky team was only challenged four times this season. Ole Miss, Texas A&M, LSU and Georgia all made the Wildcats sweat, but they were still able to find a way to get the victory. All four of those teams have a very good chance of making the NCAA March Madness Tournament, so Kentucky has faced some tough competition during their perfect regular season.

The Kentucky Wildcats were able to easily secure their perfect record because they are an extremely deep and talented team. They have 10 players that can potentially get drafted by the NBA in the next few years. One college basketball team is rarely able to amass this level of talent on the same team. Having so many talented players allows Kentucky to win even when a few players have bad games.

The NCAA March Madness tournament has been known for being completely unpredictable. Connecticut was the 26th ranked team entering the tournament last year, and they were able to take home the championship. This level of unpredictability will most likely not occur this year. The number of teams capable of winning the NCAA March Madness tournament this year is very small because the Kentucky Wildcats are too talented. Even if Kentucky has a bad game, there are still only a handful of teams that can beat them.

The odds of Kentucky winning the NCAA March Madness tournament in Vegas are currently +105. This means that a $100 bet will only win an additional $105 if Kentucky wins the tournament. Florida was the favorite heading into last year’s tournament with +550 odds. When you compare the odds between the last two tournaments, it is easy to see why the underdog teams may struggle in the NCAA March Mardness college basketball tournament this year.

Wisconisn, Duke, Arizona, Virginia and Villanova may be the only teams with a realistic chance to defeat Kentucky this year. While Wisconsin is currently only the sixth ranked team in college basketball, they may have the best chance at stopping Kentucky. The Wisconsin Badgers currently have the second best odds to win the NCAA March Madness tournament at +650. The Wisconsin Badgers have the best offense in college basketball, so they should have no problem matching baskets with Kentucky. Wisconsin’s defense also matches up well with the Wildcats. The Badgers usually only get hurt by penetrating point guards, but that is the one thing Kentucky lacks. Duke and Villanova also have great offenses, but their defensive struggles can easily be exploited by the talented Kentucky team.

The Virginia Cavaliers have the third best odds to win the NCAA March Madness tournament at +950. Virginia is capable of beating any team because of their defense. If Virginia’s relentless defense is able to force bad jump shots from Kentucky, then they have a great chance of winning. Virginia’s methodical offense will slow the game down, so the Kentucky offense will get less opportunities with the ball. The first team to 60 may win the game, but that is the exact style of game Virginia wants to play. Arizona also has a great defense that can stop Kentucky’s offense, but the Arizona offense might have to play a perfect game to win.

There may not be that many teams with a realistic chance of winning, but the NCAA March Madness tournament should still be fun to watch. The early round upsets will still occur, and we should see a championship game between two great teams.

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