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Baseball mania is a very serious condition that affects many baseball enthusiasts, and as of this date, there is no known treatment for curing the condition, or even for making it less severe.  Doctors have come to the conclusion that the condition of baseball mania is best dealt with by indulging those afflicted, and providing the most interesting, intriguing and even bizarre baseball facts and trivia.  This is our mission.  This is our calling.  And we will rise to the occasion and succeed on our mission, changing the face of baseball mania as we know it. 

Below you will find fascinating MLB World Series History tid bits, as well as some entertaining Baseball Bloopers and an incident that is considered by many to be the Worst Call In MLB History.  Please proceed with caution.  The information you are about to read has come from the vault, the vault of top secret and sensitive baseball data.  This data has been considered so exciting and exhilarating in nature, that it has been known to cause thrill over load, a serious side affect of treating baseball mania. 

Should this occur, immediately go to the refrigerator, grab two cold beers and one ice water, consume only the two beers promptly, keeping the glass of ice water near you.  Try to slow your breathing and lower blood pressure by lying down and fantasizing that you have just been recruited by the NY Yankees, and that they have indicated to you that they cannot carry on through another season without you on their team.  Picture yourself being welcomed into their fold, and being handed your new uniform.  Then take the glass of cold ice water and throw it on your face, instantly snapping you back to reality and out of your NY Yankees fantasy. 

The abrupt return to reality should be enough to snap you back into normal breathing patterns and lower your blood pressure as you work through the despair of not really being recruited by the Yankees.  And voila, you're back to a sense of normalcy.  Repeat if necessary. The Baseball Bloopers in the video below should provide the necessary comic relief to ensure that your despair does not lead to depression.

Interesting MLB World Series History Tid Bits

Through the 2009 World Series.....
The National League has won 43 World Championships
The American League has won 62 World Championships
There have been three tie games
There have been 108 shutouts
There has been 1 perfect game
There have been 11 instances where a team lost the first 2 games yet went on to win the World Championship

Highest Batting Average For A World Series Team
American League:  .338   NY Yankees 1960
National League:  .323  Pittsburgh Pirates 1979

Lowest Batting Average For A World Series Team
American League:  .146 Baltimore Orioles 1969
National League:  .142  LA Dodgers 1966

Most Regular Season Losses For Team Reaching World Series
American League:  77 Losses  Minnesota Twins 1987
National League:  79 Losses NY Mets 1973

Most Season Played, Never To Appear In World Series
24 Seasons  Phil Niekro  1964-1987

Most Games Played, Never To Appear In World Series
2831 Games  Rafael Palmeiro 1986-2005

Player With Most Home Runs, Never To  Appear In World Series
609 Home Runs  Sammy Sosa 1989-2005, 2007

Player With Highest Lifetime Batting Average, Never To Appear In World Series (Min 10 Season)
.342  Harry Heilmann 1914, 1916-1930, 1932

Player With Most Hits Never Appearing In World Series
3053 Hits  Rob Carew 1967-1985

Pitcher With Most Wins Never Appearing In World Series
318 Wins  Phil Niekro  1964-1987

Players Whose Home Run Won World Series Game 1-0
Casey Stengel:  NY Giants, 1923, Game 3, 7th inning
Tommy Henrich:  NY Yankees, 1949, Game 1, 9th inning
Paul Blair:  Baltimore Orioles, 1966, Game 3, 5th inning
Frank Robinson:  Baltimore Orioles, 1966, Game 4 (final game), 4th inning
David Justice:  Atlanta Braves, 1995, Game 6 (final game), 6th inning

Brothers Who Were World Series Teammates
Felipe Alou, outfield;  Matty Alou, outfield;  SF Giants 1962
Jesse Barnes, pitcher;  Virgil Barnes, pitcher;  NY Giants 1922
George Brett, third base; Ken Brett, pitcher;  KC Royals 1980
Mart Cooper, pitcher;  Walker Cooper, catcher;  St. L Cardinals 1942-44
Dizzy Dean, pitcher;  Paul Dean, pitcher;  St. L Cardinals 1934
Lloyd Waner, outfield;  Paul Waner, outfield;  Pittsburgh Pirates 1927

Brothers Facing Each Other In World Series
Clete Boyer, third base NY Yankees; Ken Boyer, third base St. L Cardinals 1964
Doc Johnston, first base Cleveland Indians; Jimmy Johnston, third base Brooklyn Dodgers 1920
Bob Meusel, outfield NY Yankees; Irish Meusel, outfield NY Giants 1921-23

Oldest Player To Appear In World Series
Jack Quinn: age 47 years and 3 months, pitcher, Philadelphia  Athletics, 1929 

First National League Home Run And World Series Home Run In Major League History
Jimmy Sebring, Pittsburgh Pirates, 1903

Baseball Bloopers

Sports fans in general love their players, especially professional players.  It is not uncommon for a fan to buy the jersey of their favorite player, posters, and become familiar with every piece of trivia surrounding that player that is known to man.  We also latch on to memorable moments in their games.  While this typically means the great plays they make, it can also be fun to see their bloopers.  Below you will find an entertaining video that shows some of the most humorous Baseball Bloopers captured on film.  Enjoy!!



Worst Call In MLB History

The videos below address what is being hailed as the Worst Call In MLB History!  It is a game in which Armando Galaraga of the Detroit Tigers has clearly pitched a perfect game, but was robbed of the title due to a poor call by the umpire.  The umpire, Jim Joyce, has admitted to blowing the call and has apologized to Galaraga.  Fans are furious, and there has been a huge public outcry to 'right' the record and award Galaraga his perfect game.  When the call was made, they were in the top of the 9th inning, with two outs.  We're quite sure that Galaraga must be heartbroken, and we're also quite sure that Jim Joyce deserves the 'worst umpire' title that he has been awarded!!  Yes, it is definitely the Worst Call In MLB History.



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