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Its the bottom of the last inning, and bases are loaded. There's two outs, three balls and two strikes.  The team at bat is down by one, and has a chance to not only catch up, but to pull ahead and win the game if this batter can just connect with the ball.  This next pitch decides it all.  As the pitcher carefully studies the batter, contemplates the critical moment at hand, and prepares to throw the deciding pitch, nobody in the stands breathes could hear a pin drop in the enormous stadium as the crowd anxiously watches, wondering if a home run will topple the final score. 

These are the types of ball games we remember for years.  These are the games that make and break careers.  So what are the odds that the team at bat will pull ahead and win the game?  Well it turns out that the team at bat is the underdog team, and based on the Vegas Odds On Baseball, they weren't really expected to pull a win out of their magic catcher's mitt. 

While their fans are hopeful, most people know that for them to rise to the occasion and bring it home would be to beat the odds.  Can it be done?  Of course it can.  Anything is possible...but the odds are against them.

About Baseball

Well thanks to our Vegas Baseball Odds, today's baseball season fans have found an effective way to become a part of the game that is both an exciting and potentially profitable way to engage by wagering on the game through their favorite online sports book, and getting in on some online gaming by taking advantage of some sensational free bonus offers, and then taking those tested and tried predictions and scoring your own home run as you are racing to win big.

One of the most important components of such a venture are the Las Vegas Odds On Baseball.  A vast amount of information goes into creating the odds, which determine not only your picks in any game, but also how much you will win or loose.  The World Series takes on a whole new light when there's a little dough wagered on the outcome!!

Types Of Baseball Bets For Vegas Odds And Lines

There are three types of betting lines most commonly used for baseball games.  Odds makers, which are the guys who calculate the precious odds which drive the sports betting industry, will usually come up with these lines for each game:

Run Line: The run line, also known as the point spread, is used to handicap the favored team and even things out a little more.  Baseball scores are typically close, hence a common baseball point spread will be + or - 1 1/2 points.  In a game such as the one described above, this small spread would have a great impact on the outcome of the wager. 

The favored team will be the one that has to give up 1 1/2 points, and the underdog team will be given 1 1/2 points.  So even if the team at bat in the game described above does not score, those who wagered on them will still win the bet due to the + 1 1/2 points they are given.  If the game score is not close, then the point spread has little or no impact on the outcome of the wager. 

Money Line: A money line is simply where the bettor is wagering on the game based on a given price instead of a point spread.

Over/Under Line: In this scenario, the odds makers will determine a number of points that will be the total score for the game (both teams combined, including overtime activity).  The bettor is wagering as to whether the score will be more or less than this pre-determined number.

Below you will find the most reliable and trusted Vegas Odds On Baseball, with all gambling lines being added in real time.  You will also have access to the finest online sportsbook wagering opportunities imaginable through the premiere online sportsbook links we have provided.  You will be able to use these odds to make a variety of wagers, including parlays, single game bets, player props, play by play live betting, and many more based on the latest odds news.

You will also want to check out our pages on the World Series, The American League Division Series, and the National League Division Series. Check out the current Las Vegas Baseball Odds below and then let's play ball!!

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Las Vegas Baseball Betting Odds

The following are the most current Las Vegas odds on baseball.

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