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Symbolized by the iconic five interlocking rings colored blue, yellow, black, green, and red on a white field, the Olympics is a worldwide celebration of sports excellence. Representing the five continents which participate in the Olympics, the five rings debuted at the 1920 Antwerp Olympics, and were originally designed by the founder of the modern Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin. At the Olympic Games in Paris in 1924 the modern Olympic motto of Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for "Faster, Higher, Stronger" was debuted, and each Olympics, athletes strive to achieve its declaration in their prospective sport. Widely regarded as the foremost sports competition in the world, the Olympic Games now has more than 200 nations participating, quite a significant change from the contests held in Olympia, Greece from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. National patriotism and individual athletic excellence come together in 35 sports and almost 400 events which are offered biennially, with the Summer and Winter Olympic Games occurring every four years.

About the Olypmic Games

Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as an international non-profit organization in 1894, and today its membership consists of 105 active members and 32 honorary members. The IOC oversees the Olympic Games, and chooses a venue for each of the Summer and Winter Olympics roughly 7 years before those games are to be held. By the year 2016 the Olympic Games will have been hosted in 23 countries by 44 host cities. Held predominantly in Europe and North America, only eight Olympics have taken place outside of those two venues. In 2016, Rio de Janeiro will become the first South American host country.

Frequently the most watched television event when it is aired, the Olympic Games had an estimated global viewership of 600 million during the Los Angeles Games of 1984, and that number exploded to 3.5 billion for the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. With the advent of the Internet and its ability to display results and video in real-time regardless the international setting and hourly broadcasting of the games, television viewership has gone down. We are proud to offer the latest breaking Olympics results and odds here at Vegas Odds On, where that information is always free of charge and available 24/7.

As you know, at each Olympic Games those athletes who place first, second or third in each individual or team event receive medals. The gold medals awarded for first place were solid gold until 1912, and are now a gold-plated silver. However much the financial value of the gold medal has since dropped due to its construction, the years that an athlete trains in the sole pursuit of a single Olympic gold medal is a declaration of its priceless value. Runner ups are awarded a silver medal, and third-place athletes receive bronze medals. Oddly enough, the IOC ruling body does not keep statistics of medal winners.

Whether you are a proud nationalist cheering on every athlete from your home country, or simply enjoy watching the greatest athletes in the world pit their skills head-to-head and team-to-team, the Olympic Games are not to be missed. And both the Summer and Winter Olympics offer the gambling enthusiast wagering on the most important athletic events in history. Vegas Odds On is dedicated to offering you the most complete Olympics coverage concerning late breaking news, sporting odds and instant results. Check back with us often to enhance your appreciation of the highest level of individual and team sports competition, and for links to safe Olympic wagering outlets.

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