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Vegas style online sports betting sites are a dime a dozen. The internet is littered with sportsbooks that claim to be reputable and trustworthy, yet many are out to take you for a ride if given the chance. So while there may be hundreds of sports betting sites to choose from, only a handful can actually be trusted. This was one of the motivators for creating this guide. As industry professionals and experienced sports bettors, we are able to effectively evaluate and review potential sportsbooks to ensure that they hold legitimate credentials that allow them to legally provide their sports betting services to bettors in the US and around the world. We also review the quality of their services, betting lines, features and over all performance to ensure they represent the best that the industry has to offer. We also focus on brands that offer a high quality mobile sports betting option for their customers.

Until the day arrives where US based online sports betting becomes legal, you won't find any of the big Vegas names offering sports betting over the internet. For that to happen it would require that changes be made to existing federal laws, which is not likely to happen any time soon. This mandates that you use your due diligence when selecting the online sports betting destination that you will be involved in. Restricting your wagering activity to those sites which have been vetted by professionals will reduce, if not eliminate, the risks of becoming a victim at one of the questionable or undesirable sportsbook brands that are not operating legitimately within the industry. Our recommended brands are not only safe and secure, but they offer the most competitive and accurate Vegas odds on sports you will find anywhere on the Web.

In an effort to develope a very comprehensive sports betting resource guide, we have also included some articles that will assist both novice and experienced bettors in understanding various element of the industry. For example, newbies will need some basic tips on reading betting lines, or understanding point spreads. Bettors who are a little more seasoned may benefit from our article on Parlays vs Teasers for an insightful look at these wagering options. We intend to expand this section to create a valuable resource destination for sports bettors at all levels.

About Online Sports Betting

Vegas offers lines on pretty much all major sporting events as well as entertainment props. Online sports betting sites offer a much larger range of betting lines and wagering options for their customers for both sports and Vegas odds on entertainment bets as well. For example most Vegas sportsbooks don't allow you to buy half points, while online sports betting sites do. The Internet sportsbooks provide significantly more wagering options, including parlays, moneylines, player and team props, proposition bets, live betting, in play betting, over/under, and others. The virtual betting environment simply accommodates the management of a larger volume of features and options as compared to brick and mortar destinations. Their reach is usually farther than the brick and mortar sports books whereas European leagues and sports events are concerned. You will find current lines on all your favorite sports, including competitive Vegas odds on football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, motor sports, boxing, golf, and tennis, among others. Many sportsbooks also combine a racebook option that provides competitive Vegas odds on horse racing.

In addition online sportsbooks offer huge perks compared to Vegas land based sportsbooks. Competition for the sports betting dollar is pretty stiff, so by offering perks like signup bonuses, free half points, reduced juice and great cashback rewards systems - online bookmakers are effectively bidding for your loyalty so that you bet with them instead of one of their competitors. In all reality, even if I lived in Vegas I would not bet at the brick and mortar gambling options, my action would be through an online sports betting site instead. As you will learn in our articles - (it's all about value). And for me personally I am going to invest my money where I get the best dividends and the highest quality experience.

Most Recommended Las Vegas Online Sports Betting Sites

Our #1 Vegas Online Sports Betting Site
Bet on sports at Bovada Sportsbook
Bovada is our top rated Vegas online sports betting site. They are part of the Bodog group which is the worlds largest and most trusted sports betting brand in the business. Bovada offers betting lines on all your favorite sports and entertainment events, as well as a fully featured online casino and poker room. Players can easily transfer money to the different betting platforms offered at Bovada all under one account. They are also the fastest paying online sportsbook offering same day payouts via money transfers. Bovada currently offers their new players a nice 50% match bonus up to $250 on your first deposit. Visit Bovada Sportsbook.

Sports Betting Articles

Sports Betting Lines Explained - How To Read Them Like a Pro Get a comprehensive tutorial about understanding sports betting lines and how to read between the lines for the message that the odds makers are sending. Really being able to interpret the betting lines and the supporting information can boost your betting successes dramatically.

Parlays vs Teasers - Which is the Better Bet? This article dives into the different betting types available to players. It's a good article for a novice player who is looking to get a better understanding on the various types of betting options offered at vegas online sports betting sites. Gain understanding as to how the lines are made.

Understanding The Point Spread - Why the Favorite is Not Always Favored - The point spread is the most popular betting line available to players. Learn exactly what the point spread is and how to find value betting the point spreads across different sports.

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