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The 2013 NCAA college football season is over, with the Florida State Seminoles defeating the Auburn Tigers to claim the number one BCS spot at the end of the year and the NCAAF National Championship title. Vegas odds on NCAAF action this year will no doubt reflects the upcoming change which decides the annual champion, kicking off this year for the first time with the College Football Playoff (CFP) format. With Heisman Trophy winning QB Jameis Winston and most starters returning, the Vegas odds on 2014 NCAA champions will have to show FSU as the team to beat in the early going. It is much too early to predict eight preseason top 20, but the Oregon Ducks, Ohio State Buckeyes, Stanford Cardinal, Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs should all be considered as NCAA football top teams in 2014.

About NCAAF College Football

We are currently in what is referred to as the modern college football era, which began way back in 1869. And ever since then, many fans have spiced up their college football viewing entertainment by placing a wager on the outcome of a particular contest. The Vegas odds on contests like Georgia Florida, dubbed the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, every year draw close scrutiny from the savvy gambler. These types of age-old rivalry games often see lines that do not truly reflect the competitive nature of the matchup, with underdogs consistently covering, and often times and winning outright.

To say that college football is popular as a spectator and gambling sport is an incredible understatement. Currently, there are a full 6 NCAA College Football teams which can seat more than 100,000 gameday fans, and many of the incredible athletes that play in these venues on Saturday will lineup for NFL teams on Sunday in the coming years. The transition from amateur college football player to professional National Football League employee is handled through the NFL Draft, and football enthusiasts can even place wagers on where the top first-round draft picks will go every year.

The fact that some college football fans remain dedicated and fervent supporters of their teams for many decades shows the love that these people have for their favorite college teams. There is just nothing like college football to get a heated sports discussion going between two fans of opposing rivals, and storied NCAA college football rivalries are at the heart of this billion-dollar industry. UCLA and USC are two major college football powers separated by only 12 miles, and they have been playing each other in one of the top college rivalries since 1929. Florida vs Florida State, BYU vs Utah, and Oregon vs Oregon State are just three of many excellent in-state rivalries college football offers as well.

The Army Navy game every year is a hotly contested battle which has been going since 1900, and the Auburn Alabama Iron Bowl matchup dates way back to 1893. But there is probably no better well known NCAA football rivalry than Ohio State and Michigan. This contest dates back to 1897, and since 1935 it has been each team's very last game of the season. Virtually every year this memorable matchup has something to say about who wins the Big Ten, and many years also offers national title implications.

With college athletes only lasting as many as four years at their universities, college football has become more about the team than the individual. This is what creates such great rivalries, and also makes excellent betting opportunities for the savvy NCAA football gambler. Public perception of a college football matchup often times swings a line dramatically in the wrong direction, providing a great opportunity for an advantageous wager. And with today's current technology and gambling-friendly legislation, US and international players can even place bets on their mobile PC or smartphone, and can think the Internet for the availability of a wealth of college football news and information with 24/7 access.

Betting Odds On NCAA Football 2015
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