Vegas Odds On American Idol 2015 - Season 14

American Idol is a reality television singing competition, which is designed to find the best solo singing talent in the nation.  Thousands of pop star hopefuls will turn out for the 10 nationwide American Idol auditions, hoping to be chosen as a contestant in the competition.  Although thousands show up, only a handful will make it through the various levels of performance to the final rounds of competition. 

The show's popularity was unprecedented for a reality television program, reaching record numbers of viewers from the very beginning, and revolutionizing entertainment betting in a powerful way. Vegas Odds On American Idol are considered a precious commodity to die hard Idol loyalists, and have become a valuable tool in online entertainment sportsbook betting. 

American Idol Season 14 - Down To The Final 24

The judges of American Idol have finally narrowed down the contestants to the top 24. Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. serve as the judges on season 14 of American Idol, and they are adapting well to the many new, exciting changes that have been put in to play by the producers.

The pool of singers was narrowed down to 48 finalists. To make things interesting, the producers threw these 48 contestants out to a live audience during a private concert at the famous House of Blues in West Hollywood. This tested their ability to perform under the pressure of a live audience. Some of them cracked and didn't do so hot while others thrived under the stage lights. After all of the tears, freak-outs, sweat, singing and dancing, here are the top 24 finalists and the people that many viewers have taken to betting on:

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Top 12 ladies: Adanna Duru, Alexis Gomez, Jackie 'Jax' Cole, Joey Cook, Katherine Winston, Loren Lott (aka Loren Sharice), Lovey James, Maddie Walker, Sarina-Joi Crowe, Shaina 'Shi' Scott, Shannon Berthiaume, Tyanna Jones

Top 12 guys: Adam Ezegelian, Clark Beckham, Daniel Seavey, Mark Andrew Pudas, Michael Simeon, Nick Fradiani, Jr., Qaasim Middleton, Quentin Alexander, Rayvon Owen, Riley Bria, Savion Wright

While all of these performers did well enough to move on to the top 24, some of them rose above the rest. Trevor Douglas is going to be a big hit among the lady voters. He's so charming and put-together that it's easy to forget he is only 16. With his fresh rendition of Elvis' "Burning Love," he lit up the stage with his passionate singing and fiery guitar playing.

When Tyanna Jones comes out onto the House of Blues stage, she immediately pulls the audience in with her happy personality. The first notes out of her mouth capture your attention immediately because they are so expansive and big. At only 16 years old as well, her voice is quite mature for her age. Harry Connick Jr. said it best with, "[She] is extremely talented with a lot of potential. Does she have a long way to go? Of course, she's only 16 years old. But [she's a] special young lady."

Looking at Clark Beckham, you would never guess that there is the soul of an old blues singer inside. As he performed "Georgia On My Mind" for the House of Blues crowd, anyone could say confidently that Ray Charles would be proud. Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban were so excited that they even gave him a standing ovation.

Riley Bria wowed the American Idol audience with his "Love This Pain" by Lady Antebellum. He looked so comfortable on stage, which isn't surprising since he had a big break back in 2012 when he played guitar with Keith Urban at a country awards show. His voice matches his phenomenal guitar skills, and country music lovers everywhere are certainly going to vote to keep this guy around for a while.

For those who are betting on this season of American Idol, it is going to be a wild ride as the Vegas odds on American Idol take shape during each week's performances. All of the top 24 contestants bring something fresh and wonderful to the stage, so calculating who is going to make it to the top is anyone's guess at this point. The odds won't show up quite this early in the game, but once the competition reaches a level where the list of contestants includes only the most refined and most talented voices in the mix, things will start to get very interesting for the show's contestants, judges, audience and those who enjoy betting on American Idol.

About American Idol

Three judges critique the singers' performances, while a nationwide audience votes on the performances to determine who goes and who stays.  American Idol has turned out super stars such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and David Cook, all of which are house hold names throughout the USA. 

The show was created by Simon Fuller, and is a spin off of the British sensation:  Pop Idol.  American Idol is the only show to maintain a #1 Nielson rating for six consecutive seasons, making it one of the most popular television shows in TV history.  It is no wonder that fans are extremely enthusiastic about using applicable Las Vegas Odds On American Idol to enjoy exciting online entertainment sportsbook betting.

American Idol fans sit on the edges of our seats, waiting for the new season to begin and the new melodies to be sung.  The waiting is torturous, but always worth it.  Just when you think it can't get any better, each season manages to wow your socks off. 

As soon as the new season begins each year, you will find the most current and reliable Vegas Odds On American Idol posted right here, always updated in real time as the competition progresses.  Its the weekly event that we can't live without, and getting in on some betting action only makes it that much more thrilling!! 

Our Vegas American Idol Odds empower bettors to place informed wagers, take advantage of free bonuses and offers, and take a chance to become American Idol winners themselves, without leaving the comfort of their own home. News stories and blog post comments help us keep up to date on the media status of the contestants, while our odds information gives us the best predictions in the business. After all, we all want to know who will win American Idol Season 12!


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The following are the most current Las Vegas odds on American Idol Season 14.

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