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The television hit reality series Survivor is a wilderness survival competition that features a progressive elimination system in which contestants vote each other off of the show.  It is considered by most to be responsible for the Reality TV revolution in the United States as it was the first successful and profitable reality TV show to be broadcast. 

The show begins by dropping a group of strangers into a secluded wilderness environment in which they must provide their own food, water, shelter, and anything else necessary for survival.  The contestants participate in challenges to compete for rewards or for immunity from elimination during that week's competition. 

The group then votes to determine who gets kicked off the show.  It is a truly exciting and thrilling competition to watch, and even more exciting when there's a little bit of Vegas Odds On Survivor action on the side!!

Natalie Anderson Wins Survivor: San Juan del Sur

It always comes full circle in the end. Last night, Natalie Anderson was named Sole Survivor of Survivor: San Juan del Sur after her twin sister Nadiya was the first person voted out of the game. Anderson easily beat fellow contestants Jaclyn Schultz and Missy Payne in a 5-2-1 vote. It was a satisfying ending to a season that got off to a slow start. The two-hour season finale begins back at camp with Natalie answering to Jaclyn for blindsiding Jon. Heated words are exchanged as Jaclyn and Natalie argue over Jon's character "in the game" vs. "out of the game."

The next morning, there's a reward challenge for an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Keith is triumphant and gets to spend the day practicing the challenge in advance. The challenge is an obstacle course where players have to move three balls from one end to another without dropping them. Practice pays off for Keith, as he easily wins immunity and a guaranteed spot to the final four.

Since Natalie is tight with Missy and Baylor, it's scramble time for Jaclyn. She promises Natalie that she won't vote her out at final four if she's saved for just one more vote. Natalie has to decide whether or not she makes a big move by keeping Jaclyn or the easy move with a guaranteed win against Missy and Baylor. It's a sticky situation.

The votes are cast at Tribal Council. Probst asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol. Natalie steps up and asks, "Jaclyn, did you vote for who I told you to vote for?" The former Miss Michigan USA nods and Natalie announces she's playing her idol for Jaclyn. Missy braces herself to go home but when the votes come up, it's Baylor who becomes the first woman on the jury. Back at camp, Missy takes her daughter's vote-off in stride. She tells Natalie she understands it's a game and the cameras that she actually feels somewhat relieved.

At the final immunity challenge, Missy can't compete, so it's up to Jaclyn and Natalie to ensure that Keith does not win. Jaclyn falls significantly behind in the physical part of the challenge but makes an impressive comeback, overtaking Keith and Natalie during the puzzle portion to win her first-ever individual immunity. Keith is predictably voted out and the girls are headed to the finals.

The Final Tribal Council is a good metaphor for this season: dull for the first three-quarters but lively in the end. Jon coaxes Jaclyn to explain her individual game play. We have a love letter from Baylor to Missy. Jeremy instructs everyone to vote for Natalie. Drew sits there with his mouth open for a while. Finally, Reed gets up and lets his drama flag fly with a biting comparison of Missy to the wicked stepmother in a fairy tale. He names her evil deeds, which range from entitlement to playing favorites to making the "quintessential wicked stepmother move by abusing the help," aka the minority alliance.

Jon, Baylor and Jeremy vote for Jaclyn, Missy and Natalie, respectively. Reed throws a vote at Jaclyn, presumably to ensure that the wicked stepmother of San Juan del Sur ends up in third place. Natalie deservedly wins the title of Sole Survivor and another season of Survivor is in the books. You can see what she has to say about the competition and winning the show in her red carpet interview:

If you didn't watch the finale or any other episode, you can access them on the CBS Survivor website.

Survivor 2015 Season 30

Survivor will be back for Season 30 on February 25. Filmed in Nicaragua, the premise of Survivor: Worlds Apart is White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar. To celebrate 30 seasons, new commemorative buffs have been issued with all 30 seasons' logos on them. Here is a sneak peak of the upcoming season of Survivor:

About Survivor TV Show

There is a lot of drama, cut throat aggressiveness, and exciting action on the show.  The show has been done in several versions around the world, and was originally aired as a Swedish series called Expedition Robinson.  The show recently enjoyed its 10th anniversary, and remains a highly popular series in the United States. 

Several themed seasons have been aired, including Celebrity Survivor, and a recent Heroes versus Villains season.  While there is more reality series competition out there now, Survivor's ratings are doing just fine, and possibly in part due to enthusiasm for Las Vegas Odds On Survivor and some juicy sports book entertainment betting!

To have introduced America to the reality show phenomenon, and still be going so strong 20 seasons later is quite an accomplishment.  To help you survive in the entertainment betting lines, we've provided the most current and up to date Vegas Odds On Survivor available, always updated in real time as the competition progresses throughout the season. 

What better way to add some extra excitement to the outcome of the show than to stake a little personal wager on it? Our sports books and online betting sites featured on our site always provide the most trusted Vegas Survivor Odds, as well as the latest series news, blog posts and comments, and statistics to help you make the best wagers for you! Check out the free bonuses and offers, as well as the many betting lines and options available for entertainment betting!

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