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Jul. 8th 2012

The acquisition of Steve Nash by the Los Angeles Lakers has placed them right back in the NBA title chase. Last season the Lakers struggled all season at the point guard position. First, Los Angeles had Derek Fisher start and he just could not keep up with the younger point guards in the league. Then at the trading deadline the Lakers traded for Ramon Sessions from the Cleveland Cavaliers. His problem was he could defend but he had some problems shooting the ball and making the rest of the team better. Steve Nash can no longer defend but he can still score and get the ball to Gasol, Bynum, and Bryant. The Lakers are going to try to outscore teams next season.

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The Heat Advance and the Indy 500 Revs Up

May. 25th 2012

The Indiana Pacers called the Miami Heat’s bluff and they got burned. The Pacers decided to play physical against the Heat and it backfired. Miami came out in the last two games and showed the Pacers how to play basketball. LeBron James and Dwayne Wade combined for 59 points last night and Mike Miller hit some key three point shots. When James and Wade are this hot there is no team in the NBA that can touch them. What was so interesting is the Pacers had balanced scoring last night and they could not keep up.

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