Super Bowl Media Day 2013 – Randy Moss, Ray Lewis, a Male Stripper and New Orleans Gumbo

Randy Moss proclaims himself the greatest NFL wide receiver of all time. Sports Illustrated claims that Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis huffed an illegal deer antler spray to enhance his abilities on the field. Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs prefers gumbo to jambalaya, and 49ers backup QB Alex Smith is frustrated about losing the starting job to Colin Kaepernick, expressing his feelings about being in the Super Bowl as “bittersweet.” Welcome to the annual madness that is Super Bowl Media Day. Every year the Tuesday before the upcoming Super Bowl is scheduled for the media to talk to the players and coaches, and it is always memorable.

And on a very happy note, little was mentioned about head coaches and brothers Jim and John Harbaugh going against each other in the big game. That topic has been discussed to exhaustion, and it is not as if they will be playing in the game. But Ray Lewis will, and in response to the SI allegations that he snorted dear antler extract (an NFL outlawed performance enhancing drug) he said, “I am not going to go there.” Continually questioned about the antler extract SI claims he purchased from a steroid alternative company run by a former male stripper, he repeatedly denied the allegation.

Yes, only on a Super Bowl Media Day can you hear about deer horn sniffing, male strippers that own drug companies, and an athlete’s New Orleans food preference. But the game itself and the players involved were discussed eventually, with 120 NFL athletes fielding questions from 5,205 reporters and media personnel from 24 countries. Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs told Deion Sanders that his team feels confident they will get the job done Sunday, and then serenaded everyone within earshot with his rendition of Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything for Love”.

49ers center Johnathan Godwin actually played in a Super Bowl when he was with New Orleans, and is one of the few San Francisco players to have big-game experience. He told his teammates that while winning the NFC Championship is great, winning the Super Bowl will feel “100 times better.” And for the 2nd consecutive year, fans were allowed to attend Super Bowl Media Day for a bargain price of $25.

5,479 fans packed the stands along the sideline, with great views of the players being interviewed on the field. Players and coaches were questioned several times about how they thought social media applications like Twitter are having an effect on the game. 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh revealed that he does not have a Twitter account, and is definitely not the person to ask about that topic. However, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker summed up pretty much everyone’s feelings about Media Day when asked about his Super Bowl experience as a rookie so far. In a very Twitter-like reply, he exclaimed, “Hash tag, Awesome!”

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