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Named after a popular children's toy manufactured by Wham-O in the 1960's, the Super Bowl is far and away the most watched sporting event every year, and always ranks as one of the top television programs overall. Super Bowl I was played on January 15, 1967, with the Green Bay Packers taking that championship game as well as the second in 1968. Kansas City owner Lamar Hunt jokingly referred to the AFL NFL matchup as the Super Bowl, after he saw his child playing with a Super Ball. Hunt told the league that he thought the name could "be improved upon," but it resonated with the public, and there is no doubt that there is no improving upon the massive global popularity of the Super Bowl as a spectator event and sports gambling highlight of the year.

Super Bowl futures bets are offered almost year-long, and people who may not watch an entire NFL regular-season game all year even frequently wager on the outcome of the contest. We have seen decided favorites win easily, as in the 1986 Super Bowl when the dominant and well-rounded Chicago Bears destroyed a hapless New England Patriots team 46 - 10. And we have seen trash-talking underdogs like Joe Namath and the New York Jets defeat heavy favorites, in Namath's case the Colts team led by then future Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas and coach Don Shula. The Baltimore Colts took the field as 19 point favorites, delivering a huge money line win to anyone who believed the brash and confident Namath's poolside prediction of victory.

The culmination of the NFL playoffs, the Super Bowl often highlights impressive performances by rookies who just one season prior had been showcasing their talents in the NCAAF college football ranks. Peyton Manning, Deion Sanders and Terrell Davis were all standout players in college and during the big game, which claims 9 out of the top 10 most viewed TV spots of all time. As the second biggest eating day of the year in the United States behind Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl provides the National Football League gambler with the last chance at making several significant NFL wagers, and this is partially responsible for the estimated $10 to $12 billion bet on the NFL championship game every year.

Heading into the last few weeks each season, there are always opportunities to place a Super Bowl futures bet as to who you believe will be appearing in the big game. And this is one way savvy NFL gamblers pick up some really attractive odds. With some decent teams at 20 or even 30 to 1, if you can catch them peaking at the right time, you can cash in substantially on Super Bowl Sunday. And while the most popular bets are laying or taking points and choosing a side, the Super Bowl prop bets which are offered every year are in many cases just too interesting to pass up.

The National Basketball Association frequently has games played on Super Bowl Sunday, and just about every year you can bet whether the combined rebounds and assists of a popular NBA player will be more or less than the combined tackles and assists of a Super Bowl defensive player. You can even place a wager on the color of the Gatorade that you believe will be dumped on the winning coach. And in this day and age of social media and the World Wide Web, you can now place a Super Bowl wager on the over/under of how many tweets per second that #SuperBowl will appear on Twitter during the game. As a popular spectator sport with a plethora of gambling opportunities, the Super Bowl has proven year in and year out to be the most popular sporting event in the world.

A Preview Of Super Bowl 50

Carolina's Road To The Superbowl

Let's take a detailed look at the Carolina Panthers this season. Since they're the favorites in the big game, let's discuss how they got to that point. At the start of the season, many were saying that Can Newton was overrated. He led the Auburn Tigers to an undefeated season and won the National Championship, and also the Heisman Trophy, and was selected #1 overall by the Panthers in 2011. However, last season the Panthers exited in the first round, and seasons before Cam had been an average player, at best, with a team that was close to the bottom rung in the NFC. But at the start of this season, a lot had changed in Carolina. The team had a stronger defense, and a coach that was ready to let it fly offensively.

This new-look Panthers squad started out of the gate strong. Although their first two games were against the Jaguars and the Texans, two teams many consider to be below average, Carolina still won impressively in both, and Newton was playing well. Their first test of the season came in week 3, as the Saints came into Carolina. The Panthers rallied late and won that game, and kept their momentum moving forward against the Bucs heading into the bye. Their first real test of the season came against the Seattle Seahawks in week 6. Down big in the 4th quarter, Cam rallied with two late TD passes and the Panthers won 27-23, and kept winning against the Eagles, Colts, Packers, Titans, Redskins, Cowboys, Saints and Falcons. Their biggest game of the year, as in their biggest test, came against the New York Giants. Carolina led by 4 scores, but the Giants put up 4 second-half touchdowns and almost won the game, losing it 38-35. This was their biggest sign of weakness all season, yet still the Panthers were 14-0. They would lose a heartbreaker to Atlanta the following week, but they sealed it up and won the #1 seed in the NFC with a route of Tampa Bay in week 17.

In the playoffs, the Panthers would host a rematch against the Seahawks, and many thought Seattle would slay the beast here and end up returning for their third Super Bowl in a row. However, before you could even blink, the Panthers were up 21-0. They ended up winning the game 31-24. And, again, the following week, many had the Arizona Cardinals as a team too tough for Carolina. The Panthers silenced their critics permanently when they blasted Arizona 45-19, the 2nd largest NFC Championship win in history. So, going into the Super Bowl, Carolina is a team that's battle-tested and have been playing with pure grit and determination all season. They haven't earned the respect they feel they're entitled to, and so the have been demolishing teams on the field to take that respect. This makes them a very tough challenge for Denver, and it's also why odds makers have the Panthers a 5 12 point favorite.


A Preview of What's to Happen on the Field

Denver's road to the Super Bowl was different, with Manning out half the season, but the Broncos are still also a tested team. They annihilated Tom Brady and the Pats by hitting Brady 23 times. They also beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs. So when you break things down per on-field play, the two teams stand fairly well matched. Carolina has the advantage on the offensive side of the ball, while Denver holds the advantage on defense.

Be ready for a strong defensive performance from both teams. The score will probably end up in the high 20s for both squads, but that won't happen right away. For the first half of the game, when the defenses are still fresh and running on pure adrenaline, look for plenty of punts and long, slow drives that eat up a few yards a play and result in field goals. The big plays might happen, but probably not until later on, after defenses get tired and offensive coaches figure out how to make a nice chess move. In a strong defensive battle, the Panthers have a huge advantage. Look for Newton to break contain against Miller and Ware on the edges and to stack up some serious rushing yards. Now, it's doubtful that Cam will be running all over the place. But under pressure on pass plays facing a sack, look for Newton to scramble out for 10-12 yards at a go. This keeps the ball moving for Carolina, wears down the Broncos' D, and keeps Peyton Manning off the field.

The way this game is likely to unfold, the best shot Denver has is to establish its running game. A tall task against the 6th-ranked defense, but certainly something that can happen with the threat of Manning's short-route passing in play. If the Broncos can move the ball on the ground, Norman and the Carolina secondary will pull up to press, and this gives Thomas and Sanders opportunities to get behind the secondary. Then it all boils down to how well Manning can lay the ball out there. So while we look for Carolina to ultimately do better offensively, it's still expected that Denver will show up and eventually earn themselves some big chunk plays down the field.

Both teams are playing for a lot here. The Broncos are playing to avenge their horrible loss two years ago, and to help Peyton Manning go out as a Super Bowl champion. The Panthers are playing to take that respect they have not yet received. Both teams will come out of the gate with plenty of vim and vigor, and this will wear down over the course of the game. The loser of the game will be the first defense to lose its steam, in our opinion. So think about things in that realm when betting. Do you really think Denver's D will wear down and allow the Panthers to beat them by more than 6 points? We say the smart bet is Denver to cover. But you never truly know. It could be a route and Carolina could run Denver off the field. Then again, many a fool has lost money betting against Peyton Manning. Make sure you research how the teams played all year and how they match up. Make a responsible, informed wager on the game, and see if you can hedge your bets on the O/U if you take the spread, and vice versa.

About Betting on the Super Bowl 2015

With the Super Bowl less than a week away, the teams are set to start intensifying their preparation. Both teams have motivations beyond just winning the championship. Cornerback Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson will hope to push the Seahawks past New England and continue building a potential dynasty out in Seattle. On the other hand, Patriots all-pro cornerback, Darrelle Revis and Tom Brady will look to prove to the world that, deflated footballs or not, they are still the league's best. The betting lines and Vegas are taking shape and as of this writing are favoring the Patriots by 2 for the win with the Seahawks currently the underdog at a +2. These odds and lines will likely move as the game draws closer.

Betting Odds On NFL Super Bowl 50
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Las Vegas Super Bowl 50 Betting Odds

The following information reflects the most current Las Vegas Super bowl odds, strait from the odds makers that drive sports betting magic around the world. There is no more exciting way to enjoy the Super bowl than adding a little sports betting into the mix. The following sportsbook highlighted even offers a mobile sportsbook portal, allowing you to enjoy mobile sports betting on your tablet PC or smartphone.

Odds On Who Will Win The Super Bowl XLIX

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