Crash and Burn - Nascar Crash Videos

One of the reasons that Nascar Motor Sports is so fascinating and intriguing to fans is the danger factor, the risk of the crash-and-burn that can take a driver out of the race, or in worst cases, out of the race of life. Nascar drivers do put their lives at risk to provide us with the sensational and exhilarating race car entertainment that the USA has come to simply adore. We all have our favorite drivers, and we honestly have a committed loyalty that we feel towards them, following them through their racing season year after year. When something happens to them during a race, we feel like something is happening to a friend that we know well and care deeply for. Yes, we love our Nascar drivers.

When something happens during a Nascar race that can affect a driver's status in the event or their well being, it grabs our attention, causes our heart to pound and our blood to start pumping as we move to the edge of our seat, take a big gulp, and wait to see what happens. Many of us cross our fingers and say a prayer that whomever is involved will be ok. It is, however, this action adventure side of Nascar racing that has one of the biggest draws for fans, knowing that at any time, a Nascar crash and burn could dramatically change the course of events for any given race.

Just for your racing entertainment, we have gathered a few NASCAR crash videos to help you relive some of the most memorable and heart racing moments in recent Nascar races. In the videos we've chosen, everyone lives to see another race, and our heroes emerge from yet another dangerous Nascar moment. Here are a few of the most memorable crash and burn moments in Nascar racing.

Worst Nascar Crashes

Nascar Crash Compilation - Some of these crashes are just mind blowing. None of these were fatal, everyone lives to race again!


Craziest NASCAR Finish Ever! Carl Edwards Nasty Flip 2009 Aarons 499 Talladega Finish - Carl Edwards endures a serious crash, but is determined to finish the race!



Nascar Biggest Crash in Modern Era - This video shows a 27 car crash on lap 14.



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