Vegas Odds On Sprint Cup 2015

Drivers....start your engines!! There are few phrases that can command the anticipation and excitement that this phrase triggers, and oh yes, its music to our ears.

Vegas Odds on Sprint Cup have certainly become a hot commodity as Nascar racing events have become one of the most watched sports niches out there. The Sprint Cup Series, formerly known as the Winston Cup Series, is North America's premiere motors port series. It is made up of 36 races, and features the top racing talent in the world, and includes one of the most prestigious and most viewed NASCAR racing events, The Daytona 500 race. NASCAR betting enthusiasts are delighted with the active Las Vegas Odds on Sprint Cup wagering opportunities, which include the 36 seasonal races that make up the series.

About Nascar Sprint Cup Series

&The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, better known simply as the Sprint Cup, is the elite racing series for NASCAR. Kicking off this year as it does annually with the Daytona 500 on February 24, it takes a special driver to make the 12 man field that will race for the Sprint Cup 2013. After the dust has settled on the first 26 races, the 10 top ranked drivers join the 2 drivers with the most race wins from 11th through 20th to fight it out over the last 10 races of the year.

This Chase for the Championship is the culmination of a long, grueling 36 race Sprint Cup season. In 2012 Brad Keselowski found himself in the right place at the right time towards the end of the year, and held off a late charge by Jimmy '5 Time' Johnson to take home the coveted Sprint Cup Championship. But Denny Hamlin, Greg Biffle, Junior, Martin Truex Jr. and Matt Kenseth all made the Sprint Cup Chase last year, and are itching to get back in the action. Who has what it takes to win the Sprint Cup in 2013? Check back here frequently for in-season updates, and constantly updated Vegas odds on weekly drivers.;

The Sprint Cup series operates on a point based system, with the most prominent points awarded for finishing placement and most laps led. All of the 36 point awarding races apply the same number of points per race, ensuring that the stakes remain consistently the same all season, and also making sure that the small races are just as important as the big ones. This ensures participation in them all, and also ensures plenty of sports betting action and focus on the Vegas Odds on Nascar Sprint Cup, which is the premiere Vegas Odds On Nascar series that is featured on most sports betting sites.

There is a distinctive aspect to the point system partway into the racing season with the Sprint Cup which begins directly before the last 10 races begin. After the first 26 regular season races have finished, the ten participating drivers who have the most points are then given a pre-determined base point level, as well as two wild card drivers who top the charts for the 11th - 20th rankings. Once the top 12 drivers have been seeded accordingly, the teams proceed to compete in the final leg of the races which has become known as the Chase for the Cup.

This process is unique from other NASCAR series which determine a winner by total accumulated points. The additional point system rules add an additional element of excitement to the series as it affects the competitive dynamics of the race, thereby enhancing your sports betting action, and impacting the Las Vegas Odds on Sprint Cup information, heating things up in a very invigorating manner!

The Vegas Odds on Sprint Cup 2013 are leading us to some of the hottest sports betting action we've ever seen as the momentum and popularity of the Nascar Sprint Cup Series grows dramatically. Below you will find the current Las Vegas Odds on Nascar Sprint Cup 2013, and you can judge by the information provided how things are shaping up partway through the season. The Nascar Sprint Cup season kicks off in February with the Daytona 500, and runs all year through November. That's nearly a full year of exciting Nascar betting action with races taking place every week.

Vegas Odds On Nascar Sprint Cup 2015
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Las Vegas Nascar Sprint Cup Series 2015 Betting Odds

The following are the most current Las Vegas Odds On who will win the 2015 Nascar Sprint Cup Series.

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