So You Think You Know Racing? Indy 500 Trivia

For those who would like to test their knowledge of Indy 500 facts, trivia, and interesting information, we've compiled some trivia questions that will test your knowledge of cool Indy 500 tid bits of info that only a true fan would know. Use the quiz below to test your true devotion to the races. If you are unable to answer the questions accurately, you may have to re-evaluate just how dedicated your are to the beloved Indy 500, Should you fail this simple test of knowledge, we will know, and your identity, along with your terrible score will be broadcast to the Indy 500 community as a phony fan to be shunned at the next Indy 500 race. OK, not really, we just included it because we thought it would be a fun thing for fans.

Indy 500 Trivia

Q. In what year did the very first Indy 500 take place?
A. The first Indy 500 race took place in 1911, won by Ray Harroun
Q. What is the distance of one complete lap around the oval racetrack?
A. The total distance around the track once is 2.5 miles. The track is comprised of four turns and four straightaways.
Q. Which race car driver has taken the championship title in the Indy 500 the most times?
A. There are three Indy 500 drivers who have won the race four times each, and they are: A.J. Foyt, who won the Indy 500 in 1961, 1964, 1967, and 1977. Al Unser won the Indy 500 in 1970, 1971, 1978, and 1987. Lastly, Rick Mears won the Indy 500 in 1979, 1984, 1988, and 1991.
Q. Who is the youngest driver to win the Indy 500?
A. Troy Ruttman, who was 22 years, 80 days old when he claimed the race title in the 36th Indy 50 on May 30, 1952.
Q. Who was the oldest Indy 500 winner?
A. Al Unser clocked in at 47 years, 360 days old when he won the 71st Indy 500 on May 24, 1987.
Q. What is the official name of the winner's trophy which is presented to the winner of the Indy 500 each year?
A. The award is named the Borg-Warner Trophy, and was commissioned back in 1935 by the Borg-Warner Automotive Company. In 1936, Indy 500 winner was Louis Meyer, and he was the first driver to receive the Borg-Warner trophy.
Q. Why does the winner of the Indianapolis 500 drink milk in Victory Lane?
A. The Indy 500 is very rich in tradition, which is what the milk in Victory Lane is. The tradition began back in 1936 when Louis Meyer won the Indy 500, and drank a glass of buttermilk in Victory Lane to refresh himself. A Milk Foundation executive was so happy when the milk drinking moment was capture on film and featured in the sports section of the newspaper that he became committed to ensuing that it happened every year. The tradition lapsed between 1947-1955, however was revived in 1956, and it has become a tradition for the winner to be offered milk every year since.
Q. Have there been any female competitors in the Indy 500?
A. There have been five women who have participated in the Indy 500: Janet Guthrie in years 1977-1979; Lyn St. James in years 1992-1997, 2000; Sarah Fisher in years 2000-2004, 2007-2009; Danica Patrick in years 2005-2009, and Milka Duno in years 2007-2009.
Q. What is the fastest timed official lap ever completed during the month of May?
A. Arie Luyendyk drove 237.498 mph during the qualifying event on May 12, 1996. He then completed a lap of 239.260 during practice on May 10, 1996, which was the fastest unofficial lap ever done at the Speedway.

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