Vegas Odds On Academy Awards 2015

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, are a highly anticipated and greatly enjoyed television event each year, airing on February 22, 2015.  Americans love their movies and their movie stars, and simply adore spending the evening celebrating who will win, always hoping it will be their favorites.  As Neil Patrick Harris hosts this year's event, we are in for an entertaining and comical evening as he is by far one off the more talented personalities in Hollywood as of present. He can sing, dance and make us laugh through creative and talented showmanship. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of Harris.

Since we all spend the days prior predicting who will win, who will loose, who will show up in the best dress, the ugliest shoes, and with the worst hair, we might as well get in on the betting action and make a little money off of all those predictions!  Break out the exciting Vegas Odds On Academy Awards to make an informed and thrilling online sports book entertainment betting wager!

About The Academy Awards

Best Actress, Best Movie, Best Director, the list of awards goes on and on to include cinematography, music, writing, costumes, set design, and much more.  No matter what you interest is regarding the film making industry, you'll find it at the Academy Awards. 

There is also entertainment by famous singers, groups, and musicians, and sometimes even comedians.  The show is a diverse, well rounded demonstration of the various talents and creativity we are surrounded by in the industry.  To keep the action sizzling hot on Oscars night, add a little sportsbook entertainment betting to your repertoire using our Las Vegas Odds On Academy Awards.

Just as intriguing as the awards, the Red Carpet draws much of the evening's attention.  Its the highly scrutinized spot where each star makes their own fashion statements and enters the most recent world of celebrity gossip, with their pictures plastered in one of two categories, best dressed or worst dressed. 

So as the pressure is on them to show up in just the right attire, why not capitalize on the situation and make a few predictions of your own in some riveting online sportsbook entertainment betting?  Using our reliable and always updated Vegas Odds On Academy Awards, you'll have every advantage at making the best wagers on the night!!

For those interested in more awards betting, check out our odds data on the Grammys and the Golden Globe Awards, both exciting options for getting some online gambling and betting action going.  Its also just a great way to spend your evening relaxing!  Each section will have the applicable Vegas Odds on its respective category, always updated in real time as the odds makers refine them. 

Bet On Vegas Odds on Academy Awards
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Las Vegas Academy Awards Betting Odds

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