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The Oscars is another name for the Academy Awards, which is the yearly event that recognizes excellence in a variety of categories in the film making industry.  It is one of the most watched events on television each year, and is highly anticipated by audiences around the globe. 

It is the one night that TV cameras are able to scan one room and find it overpoweringly full of movie stars, famous directors, exceptionally talented writers, music composers, and many other contributors to the world of show biz.  It is the time of year when movie stars show up with mystery dates to get celebrity gossip into full swing, and lovey-dovey couples show up holding hands to show the world that the national inquirer is full of bs when it reported their upcoming break-up.  

People love to watch it, and people love to bet on it, making the Vegas Odds On The Oscars one of the most coveted pieces of odds data floating around out there.

About The Oscars

Another reason that audiences around the globe love to watch the Oscars is because of the famous Red Carpet moments.  There have been an uncanny number of Oscars Bloopers occurring on the Red Carpet as the stars arrive in style and make their way up the cascading red walk of fame. Not just anybody gets to walk up the red carpet, and you know you're 'somebody' if you find yourself gracing its surface. 

It is on the Red Carpet where we find out who the best and worst dressed stars are, and where we witness a star studded fashion expose that reflects exquisite taste and refined style with designer gowns and suites, expensive shoes, and glimmering jewels, or we witness horrifying fashion flubs that leave us stunned with the inability of some individuals to look in the mirror and recognize disaster when they see it. 

Many of the online sports book entertainment betting lines include move star props, turning up the action on the fashion show part of the Oscars.  Find out who's hot using our Las Vegas Odds On The Oscars. Online gambling fans can get into the awards action by placing wagers or bets based on the predictions and their favorites.

Keeping up on the news of movie sales and success influence odds makers, as well as blog posts and comments regarding popularity of the stars or movies. Often any of the online sports betting sites we feature will offer free bonuses! A nice way to build that bank roll a little when betting at your favorite online sports books.

Regardless of what their fashion performances end up displaying, its their acting performances that make or break the evening.  The Oscars date back to 1929, and have grown into one of the most prominent moments on television, with the Academy boasting over a billion viewers for each awards program.  Where the name 'Oscars' comes from is somewhat controversial, but it has stuck with the awards since the early 1930's. 

Will your favorite star or favorite movie win any awards on this glamorous evening?  Wanna bet on it?  Use the reliable Las Vegas Odds On The Oscars posted below to get your own awards of the evening and come out a winner!  For those who are interested in checking out the odds for the music version of the Oscars, you'll want to check our our section on the Grammys!

Bet On Vegas Odds on the Oscars
Betting on the Oscars at Bovada
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Las Vegas Oscars Betting Odds

The following are the most current Las Vegas odds on The Oscars.

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