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For centuries, people have been finding different things to place wagers on. As long as the outcome of an event isn't certain, you can virtually guarantee that someone, somewhere has wagered money on it. Political betting is a great example of this because you never know what's going to happen with elections, and in many parts of the world, there's a major entertainment factor when it comes to elections as well. Instead of watching a sporting event unfold over an afternoon, you can watch an election unfold over weeks and months, which makes for an excellent betting opportunity.

The 2016 US Presidential Race

An election that's really getting a ton of people into political betting is the 2016 US Presidential race. This election is particularly interesting because the two candidates are incredibly divisive, and while each of them have their merits, the polls have swung back and forth so many times that it's hard to determine who is winning. On top of that, different polls in the US have been proven to have different types of bias here and there, which makes picking out betting lines on the candidates even more interesting.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is known for being the wife of former President Bill Clinton and for her roles both in Congress and in the Obama administration. While she definitely has a ton of political clout for the Democratic Party, she also brings with her a ton of baggage including a major email scandal, huge health issues and concerns where her funding comes from. With that having been said, she's a very tough opponent because of her huge base of support, which makes her very competitive in the betting lines.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the nominee for the Republican Party after having defeated over 15 different Republican figureheads in the primaries. His major advantages in the election are his ability to rally people to his cause and his status as largely being a Washington outsider since he's not actually a politician. This plays heavily on the people who are tired of career politicians, which is a growing percentage of Americans. However, he has made several outrageous remarks during the race, and those remarks have alienated a lot of people across the country. Regardless, he's been performing extremely well even with the fluctuating polls, and he has serious chances of winning.

Betting Options for Political Elections

For elections like the US Presidential race and others, there are generally two main ways that betting is handled. They are different in nature in terms of their functionality, but they can provide the same sorts of opportunities for people who want to study the polls and the landscape of the election to try to figure out what the profitable bets are.

Traditional Betting Options

First off, you can have traditional betting like what you see on sports. A money line is a common option, especially for people in the United States or for elections happening in the US, where the odds are expressed as something like -140 for the perceived favorite or +150 for the perceived underdog. For the favorite, something like -140 means you need to wager $140 in order to profit $100 on a win. For the underdog, something like +150 means you'd need to wager $100 to profit $150 if you win. The bet sizes and win amounts scale up or down, accordingly.

There are other systems for expressing these same types of odds, but they generally work more or less the same way that they do in other sports.

Betting Exchange Style

Another method that's more common with elections, since they can last over a period of several months, involves a share exchange. Essentially, you can buy and sale "shares" in one of the candidates' win. As the chances of the candidates winning or losing changes over time, the value of the shares change also. What makes this very interesting is that you can buy or sell shares at any time (provided that someone wants to buy from or sell to you), so you don't actually have to wait until the election happens to cash out.

However, once the election is through, all of the winning shares go to being worth $1 each, and all of the losing shares go to being worth $0 each. The price of each share will fluctuate between those two extremes during the selection, starting off at $0.50 each.

If political betting sounds like a good bet to you, then you're in luck. There are always elections going on or getting ready to happen all over the world, so it's something that you can always use to get in on the action.

About Political Betting Odds

One of the reasons political betting is so hot right now is due to the fact that its too close to call on several levels.  The GOP is desperately fighting to get control back of the Senate and the House, but will they be able to do it, or will the Democrats remain in charge?  Its up to the voters, and polls across the country reveal just how close the count is in many cases. 

The polls are also driving parties on both sides of the aisle to fiercely and actively campaign like they've never fought before, once again making the results difficult to predict.  The odds makers have their work cut out for them, and are experts at providing the most intriguing and reliable Las Vegas Odds On Politics to help us in our betting activities. 

Getting in on some thrilling betting action may be the only way for some citizens to make it through voting seasons in tact emotionally.  While those who are happy are very happy, those who want things to go in a different direction are very intense and worried at this point. 

A little sportsbook entertainment action is just what you need to lighten the load and provide a positive distraction to your woes!  Check out our Vegas Odds On Politics, always updated in real time and closely monitoring everything that is happening during the campaign trail events of these monumental elections. 

Online gambling seems to fit well with politics, and can be some of the most reliable Vegas Political Odds due to the extensive advertising of polls and public opinion. Keep in mind that the not so obvious elections and events pay the biggest. Most all of our online sports betting sites will offer free bonuses and promotional offers, and will have the latest news, blog posts and comments, and anything else which may assist you in your wagering decisions.

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