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The Open Championship, also commonly referred to as the British Open in the United States, takes place during the weekend which contains the third Friday in July, and is played annually on one of nine different links courses located in Scotland or England. As one of the four revered Grand Slam events on the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour every year, the British Open is well known for treacherously deep roughs, pool table fast greens, and relatively high scores. It is the oldest of the four major championships in professional golf, and the only major held outside the United States and we have offer current British Open odds. Preceding the PGA Championship, the 72 hole stroke play tournament takes the top 70 players after the first 36 holes. Unique among the four major championships, the British Open demands a minimum four hole playoff for any golfers tied at the end of regulation play.

About The British Open

Professional golf does share more in common with a sport like football than many may realize. For example, golf is most certainly one of those "what-have-you-done-for-me-lately" sports, wherein fans and sponsors are only focused on players who are currently winning. In golf, this means a completely remodeled leaderboard. From fans who root for the game and sponsors who pay the big bucks, to oddsmakers who handicap golf matches for gamblers, everyone has had to adjust to the new trend in recent years. And nowhere is this trend more present than in the British Open.

The trend going for the past few years, barring 2013's very impressive run by Phil Mickelson, is that the Open Championship is being dominated by younger players whose stars aren't exactly being etched into the Walk of Fame any time soon. Tiger Woods hasn't won since 2006, on the heels of back-to-back wins, and as stated, other than Phil in '13, which was hard-earned and certainly not a fluke, players to win the biggest of the four majors have included Darren Clarke, Ernie Els, and Rory Mcllroy. Certainly nobody who does Gatorade commercials.

Another area where golf has really changed in the past few years, including the British Open, is in how many different options gamblers have to bet on golf. There used to be only a few lines and a few favorites, and you could either play what was available or abstain. Today, however, you can bet on round-by-round (daily) play; you can bet on two-player pairings for the day; you can find a slew of proposition bets; and you can even bet in live time with live betting options, which allows you to actually gamble while the game is going on. These changes have really added some serious muster to the world of golf betting.

Rather than the increased popularity of golf forcing new betting options into existence, it's actually working the other way around. To spur more interest in online golf betting, sportsbooks started to increase the number of ways gamblers could bet and win, and this has created many more golf fans who want to keep up with the sport in order to make informed wagers on players and tournaments. Golf will always be a popular sport, but tournaments like the British Open trend in many directions and bounce back and forth in terms of popularity. This year's Open is highly rated, as fans and gamblers can't wait to see which relative unknown youngster will go home with the trophy.

Date Of British Open: July 19th - 22nd.

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Las Vegas British Open Betting Odds 2015

See the current betting odds on who will win the British Open Golf Tournament 2015.

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