Heat and Spurs On The Brink Of Elimination – Changes Coming

Game six of the Eastern Conference finals will determine the future of the Miami Heat. The Heat win they come back home to play game seven and still have a chance to win the NBA title. Miami loses and there will be some big changes before next season. It’s not like the Heat need a major overhaul to improve their team just one daring move. When the current Heat team was constructed Miami decided to have three maximum contract players Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh that was a big mistake. With three maximum players in the salary cap era it puts a lot of pressure on the front office to come up with role players and a bench.

Because the Heat are so good they will draft in the lower half of the first round when they have a first round pick. They traded several away to both Cleveland and Toronto to acquire James and Bosh and that makes the job even more difficult. Then the Miami front office thought by signing Bosh and James decent veteran free agents would take a pay cut to play for Heat to get one or more rings. That strategy has not worked out well for Miami.

“What is the answer?” There is a definite chemistry problem with Miami. Lebron James and Dwayne Wade have to be the number one option on their team. One of them has to go. I say Wade because of  his style of play. Wade throws caution to the wind when he is on the court and once he hits the magic age of thirty he will decline quickly.  Wade can get the Heat one top flight player and a decent role or bench player.

To sweeten the potential deal guards Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole have the ability to develop into decent players. The Heat needs a top flight point guard and a decent big man that can defend in the post. Now, this might sound crazy if the Heat decide to keep Wade they could trade Lebron James and Norris Cole who played his collegiate basketball at Cleveland State to the Cavaliers for Kyrie Irving and Anderson Varejao. A Wade, Bosh, and Irving triumvirate would give the Heat balance on the offensive side of the court.

Game six of the Western Conference finals is tonight and the Spurs are going to get eliminated. San Antonio just does not have any answers for Oklahoma City Kevin Durant is unstoppable. Tony Parker has faded in the last three games and the Thunder big men have outplayed Tim Duncan. After tonight, there will be changes on the Spurs. Duncan will stay with San Antonio at a reduced rate and Manu Ginobili and Parker still have good trade value. One or both could be moved in the off season for younger players or draft picks.

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