13 Year Old Rion Paige Blows Away X Factor Judges With Carrie Underwood Cover

The X Factor has provided us with some incredible performances in the past. Just when you least expect it, the show hits you with an amazing performance that wows the judges and instantly makes a contestant a front-runner. That happened this week, with the tiny cowboy boot wearing 13 year old Rion Paige from Jacksonville, Florida that is blowing up YouTube and the reality TV blogosphere giving an inspirational and awesome version of Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away”. The crimped blond hair and petite build bring to mind a young Taylor Swift, but she is definitely a singular performer.

To say that the judges were blown away is an understatement, and the difficult-to-impress Simon Cowell even said, “Rion, I have to say something about you … I think you’re literally extraordinary.” Rion suffers from congenital physical defects that have made her life extremely difficult, and she is almost totally blind in one eye. Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita is the name of the condition which causes the joints in her hands to curve awkwardly, and she says she gets frustrated when she can’t accomplish something.

What she accomplished as she touched the hearts of millions while demonstrating her incredible talent on this week’s X Factor can not be understated. But Cowell does not pass out praise like that just because a person has struggled in life. The snarky Simon went on to compare her future success to that of Carrie Underwood, and said he will “remember this audition for a very long time.” Pretty heady stuff from Simon, and Rio earned every bit of praise given her by the judges.

As the diminutive but powerful Rion walked off the stage, you can hear Cowell exclaim to Kelly Rowland that he “would LOVE to work with her”, with a big stress on the word love, and as he gave the inspirational and talented miss Paige the fourth “yes” from the judges, he told her, “This is the easiest yes I have ever given.” Judge Paulina Rubio exclaimed, “I’m honored to live this with you.” Kelly Rowland told Rion that, “Everything about you is just so incredible,” and Demi Lovato pointed out that, “Everyone in this room can learn something from you today.”

Did I mention the 13 year old powerhouse got a standing ovation from the audience and the judges? And by the way, if you have not seen the video and heard this amazing teen’s voice, give it a look. Inspirational, yes, but this young lady has talent, and easily overshadowed a smoking hot Carlito, an LA coffee shop employee that was exceptional with Rihanna’s “Stay”. And though Alex Kinsey and his girlfriend Sierra, both from Daytona Beach, were very impressive together singing a sultry version of BritBrit’s “Toxic”, the tiny teen from Florida owned this show, and has the perfect combo of spunky and determined to go all the way in the 3rd season of the US X Factor.

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