The SYTYCD Judges Make One Last Call

The final eight contestants were given two opportunities to dance their way into America’s heart because after this week, the judges pass on their elimination powers to the masses.

The festivities began with an ill-choreographed “Eyes Wide Shut” meets “Shanghai Express” intro that ended on a confusing note. Meanwhile at the judge’s table, Sir Nigel wore a fire engine red blazer that likely fried the sensors in many a flat screen TV across the nation. He was joined by Wailin’ Mary Murphy and a bubbly Jesse Tyler Ferguson of “Modern Family” fame.

Tiffany revealed how strongly her sister has influenced her life before she was the first to take the SYTYCD stage for a solo performance. Witney and “Twitch” then got “ratchet” on the crowd with a trippy hip hop experience that was choreographed by Luther Brown. The judges all agreed that Witney successfully achieved ultra-ratchetedness by the end of it all.

Will admitted that he was a chubby kid that danced his emotional pains (and extra pounds) away. He flipped like the SYTYCD best of them in his solo routine.

Cole and all-star Allison gave, perhaps, the best performance of the night. According to Mary, the Sonya Tayeh routine was a bit creepy but Cole’s contribution proved that he was destined for the finals. Jessie was so intoxicated by the number that he claimed he needed a drink.

Lindsay’s competition fatigue was showing while she managed to barely get through a solo ballroom dance number. But Eliana and pro Ryan sped things up with a Jonathan Roberts quick step sensation. Mary noted that Eliana’s performance was spectacular with just a sprinkle of problems, while Nigel was shocked by Eliana’s technical acumen no matter the dance genre she is given.

Chehon showed his appreciation for his adoptive mother, who sat in the audience, by giving an emotionally charge performance—a rarity for the typically composed performer. However, for all of Chehon’s spice, Lindsay failed to bring the mojo in her routine with veteran Alex in her continued descent back to Utah where she can spin-polish her mom’s ballroom floor for the rest of her career.

Fun-time Will successfully managed to contain his big personality for a successful spin with angst during a Christopher Scott routine, and Witney got a chance to make her skeptical father squirm in his seat while she flexed her amazing legs in a solo. Cole’s solo was everything you’d expect from a martial arts fusion style routine, but he surprisingly held back on the air karate chops.

Week after week, Cyrus keeps winning the judges’ “Most Improved Player” award. He pumped his jazz fists and flipped SYTYCD champ Melanie enough to win them all over. Cyrus’ former partner Eliana reminded everyone that she is a ballerina during her elegant solo, and Chehon increased the heat with his sultry Tango number with Anya. The judges all gave standing ovations for his efforts.

The wonder that is Cyrus gave a brief exhibition of his amazing micro-dance timing before Tiffany received one of the few standing ovations of the night after she and partner Ade danced to a Celine Dion classic. Sadly, however, Lindsay and Will were asked to clock out because their SYTYCD run was done at the close of the show.

Next week, America decides which favorites get to stay.

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