The X Factor USA 2013 Trims to 8 as Rubio, Lovato Lose Finalists

Tim Olstad and Khaya Cohen both get booted on The X Factor USA 2013 during the Top 10 results episode aired November 21 on FOX. But whenever someone is eliminated, someone else gets a second chance at survival, and possibly even at becoming the Season 3 champion. The exit of the two young and talented hopefuls trimmed the field to eight, with both boys and girls and categories losing one member apiece, something that strengthened the competition in the other categories.

Khaya Cohen was shockingly removed, previously having been described by the X Factor USA 2013 mentors as a “mix of Amy Winehouse and Adele.” The recap of the November 20 action showed that viewer votes did Cohen in, and many fans responded immediately and rather vocally with their outrage and surprise at the ouster. The X Factor blogosphere and social networks were rife with comments like that of Twitter user ‘chwethington’, who expressed disbelief that the young teen soul singer had been eliminated by tweeting, “Words cannot describe how pissed I am that @Khaayaa0 got eliminated. She was obviously the best contestant. #xfactorRESULTS.”

After that first half of double elimination competition was complete, you could cut the tension like a knife. So show producers brought in international singing sensation One Direction to hopefully lighten the mood by performing “Story of My Life.” It seemed to change the mood considerably, as screaming female fans of the smash-hit boy band went berserk. But immediately after, host Mario Lopez brought the acts and their mentors back on stage to reveal their fates, and things grew somber once again.

Paulina Rubio had to wait nervously as two of her team members, Tim Olstad and Carlito Olivero, were forced into a head-to-head sing-off, with Olivero saved for another week as Olstad was voted off by Kelly Rowland, Demi Lovato and Rubio. Before that tense vocal battle, Rion Paige, Josh Levi, Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt, Ellona Santiago, Restless Road and Lillie McCloud were given the green light to continue on in the competition.

Lovato was “surprised” to lose Cohen, with these final eight performers hitting the X Factor USA’s stage again on November 27, to be aired on FOX. The inspirational and diminutive Rion Paige has a powerful voice that belies her size, and the sweetheart team of Alex & Sierra definitely has developed a devoted following. But the Vegas odds on X Factor USA 2013 show that Restless Road and Lillie McCloud are currently the class of the competition, and the betting man’s favorites to win it all in this third season of the US version of the X Factor reality singing competition.  Here is a little look into Restless Road:

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