4 Guaranteed Online Poker Tips To Fatten Your Wallet

Playing poker online can be a fun and profitable pastime, hobby, and for a very few smart playing and dedicated individuals, a full-time vocation. But for most of us it is a way to enjoy testing our mental ability and competitiveness against others, while trying to add money to our bankroll. But many times the desire to win and our own intimate knowledge of what we should and should not do gets sidetracked. Want to get back on the winning track the next time you play a session of online poker? The four simple to follow and immediate to implement tips below are guaranteed to show a positive influence on your online poker bottom line, and you can put them into practice today.

Fold more to win more.

It may go against your normal instinct that folding more hands makes you more money, but that is actually the case in online poker. Especially when you are playing at a table with a very low big blind, it is very easy to convince yourself to see a lot of hands. After all, you tell yourself, it's only a quarter or fifty cents, right? But those small bets add up quickly over time, and over the period of a year, you can save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars by sitting out those hands you know you have no business being in.

Don't play drunk.

Everyone reading this right now is thinking, "Well sure, I know that!" But the problem with getting inebriated is it only happens one drink or one beer at a time. Sure, you may be fine after your first or second drink or beer, but as you begin to loosen up physically and mentally, the desire to drink more increases. Before you know it you can be in a bad spot, and wake up asleep in your computer chair with a hangover, scared to check your account balance.

Don't play out of boredom.

I used to consistently log on to one of my many online poker accounts whenever I had 10 or 15 minutes to spare. If I was bored and there was nothing on TV, I would play a few hands. The problem is that your mind is just truly not on the game, and you are playing because there's nothing else to do. Always play with a plan, and not as an alternative to boredom, and you'll see your profits rise, which is anything but boring.

Don't throw good money after bad.

We have all been guilty at one time or another of staying in a hand simply because we already have money invested. Calling a Post-Flop raise just because you saw a Pre-Flop raise, even though your were not rewarded on the Flop is just plain crazy. And hanging around 4th Street and The River just because you have money in the hand is even crazier still. You often hit just enough of the board to make you think you have a chance, so have enough sense to get out when the getting's good.

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