Best Betting Strategies for the NBA Season

There are multiple conditions to be taken into consideration in order to formulate a winning betting strategy. One of the biggest factors is staying on top of the player's injury list. Many of these lists are available on line and updated hourly. This information is critical in making your decision on what team to bet on, knowing your bet can change up to one hour before the game begins. Try checking out these websites for the latest information:

The next question is what happens if one of the players on the team you were looking to place a bet on has sustained an injury. Should you keep your bet on, or look to make a change? While there is no question that an injury can change the end result of the game, it is also possible that the injury may be overrated as to the outcome of the game, and popular opinion may affect the way the fans bet, leaving you a chance to really cash in. Here are some key factors to help you decide how much impact the reported injury could have on the game.

Looking at who is on the injured list will make a difference in placing your bet. Should a point guard be sidelined, it could be a good reason for changing your bet. On the other hand, if a shooting guard or forward is injured, you may be fine to leave your bet as is. Let others jump ship leaving you with a potential better points spread, knowing that these positions are a bit easier to replace and the second string players could be considered nearly as good as the starting players; they may just be waiting for their chance to prove it. Here is where it is just as important to know the main players as well as their backup teammates. If the team you are betting on is playing an away game, do some quick checking and see what their percentage for on the road wins are. Once you weigh out all these factors, it becomes easier to see what the best way is to react to the injury.

Here are some general pointers to help you create some wins. If your best winning method involves buying a pro basketball capper's picks, that's fine, but keep this is mind. Even the very best handicapper can usually select a winner only 60 percent of the time.

When looking to place a bet, keep an eye out for any teams that may be playing in their third game out of four nights, especially on the road games. Chances are they are going to be really tired with little legs left beneath them. Sometimes the point spreads do take this into account, but there may be a bet to be had out there with the odds turned to your favor.

Another factor to consider before placing a bet is turnovers. Using turnovers as a statistic can be very helpful since turnovers can mean potential points, and it is after all the accumulation of points that wins a game. Do some checking to see the number of shots that were taken at a closer range to the hoop. These two key factors alone can help you separate the losers from the potential winners.

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Best Betting Strategies for the NBA Season - Learn what to consider when formulating your NBA betting strategies to gain the best possible advantage for come out on top.

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