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Held this year on Thursday, June 26 at either the Barclays Center in Brooklyn or at famed Madison Square Garden, the 2014 NBA Draft appears to offer one of the deepest and most anticipated draft classes in recent memory. Odds on 2014 NBA Draft players show Kansas Jayhawks freshmen F Andrew Wiggins and C Joel Embiid as definite first rounders, and possible number one overall picks. Guards Dante Exum out of Australia and Zach LaVine from UCLA also appear close to locks as early choices. Glenn Robinson III carries a great basketball lineage, and the forward out of Michigan is a monster leaper that goes straight to the rim, custom made for the highlight reels of ESPN. We will not know the 2014 NBA Draft order until the end of the regular season (April 17), at which point we will update this section and alert you to the Vegas odds on 2014 NBA draft lottery teams and which NCAA Men's basketball players they are likely to pick.

About the NBA Draft

The National Basketball Association (NBA) was founded in New York City on June 6, 1946, and the very first NBA draft was held July 1, 1947. With Clifton McNeely from Texas Wesleyan University the first overall pick chosen by the Pittsburgh Ironmen, the NBA Draft was born. And with an average salary of $5.2 million, making NBA players the world's best paid sportsmen, there is no shortage of young promising basketball players who hope to get picked up in the NBA Draft. Luckily for them, with an average career of barely 6 years, and the physical wear and tear an 82 game regular season has on the human body, there is need for a fresh infusion of talent each and every season. And that happens annually at the NBA Draft when all 30 teams gather to choose from the eligible player pool.

The majority of the athletes are chosen from United States amateur college basketball teams, but international players annually play a very important part in the draft process as well. The first player from a nation or country other than the United States to be chosen first overall in the draft was Mychal Thompson in 1978, a citizen of the Bahamas. Who exactly is eligible for participation in the draft?

US college players who have completed their four-year college career are automatically eligible, and underclassmen have to declare their intent and forgo any remaining college eligibility. Any international players 22 years or older are automatically eligible, with younger players required to express their intent to be drafted. While high school players were drafted in the past, the current rules state that a high school player can only gain eligibility for draft selection one year after their high school graduation, and must also be at least 19 years old by the end of the NBA Draft calendar year.

The NBA Draft draws a lot of intrigue and curiosity every year due to the unique lottery system it employs for the worst 14 teams of the previous year. The first 14 picks in the NBA Draft are awarded to the 14 teams that missed the playoffs the previous season, with the order determined through a lottery draw. The lottery determines only the teams which will receive the all-important first three picks of the draft. The remaining first and second round picks are then assigned to teams in reverse order of their win-loss record from the previous season.

While every pick is important, the Las Vegas odds on the NBA Draft number one selection each year draw the most attention. So much is riding on that single selection, that it invariably delivers extreme success or failure, with no middle ground. Portland in 2007 selected Ohio State's Greg Ogden #1 overall, and after missing his entire first season with injuries after widely receiving a "can't miss" tag, he played only 82 full games before being cut by Portland in 2010. Then you have the other side of the coin. Tim Duncan, possibly the best Spurs player of all time, was picked number one by San Antonio in the 1997 NBA Draft.

Duncan has gone on to win the NBA's Rookie of the Year award, back-to-back MVP titles and four NBA championship rings, and as of this writing was playing in the NBA finals against Miami in 2013 in a quest for ring number five. That number one pick by San Antonio paid off handsomely, and they have also benefited by pulling off one of the biggest steals in NBA Draft history. With the 57th and next to last pick in 1999, the Spurs took the unknown Manu Ginobili. One of the most successful foreign-born players in league history, he has won the 6th Man of the Year award and three NBA championship rings, and proves you not have to pick early to cash in on the NBA Draft.

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Las Vegas NBA Draft Betting Odds

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