Top 7 Ways To Win In Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada immerses your senses in an experience like no other. The feel of the felt, the cacophony of sounds all around you, the titillating taste of the free adult beverages and the nonstop visual assault can keep you on a dizzying high. And that is precisely what Las Vegas hopes will happen. Their job is to keep your senses so distracted, and your brain so foggy, that you make poor gambling decisions. But it is actually very easy to ensure that you have the best possible odds of winning the next time you enjoy the Las Vegas experience. Follow the Lucky 7 winning ways listed below, and your next Las Vegas gaming session is sure to be a profitable one.

7 - Play Blackjack. Aside from Craps, Blackjack offers the player the best possible odds of winning of most Las Vegas casino games. In less than an hour you can understand the basics of intelligent Blackjack play, and profit from the lowest house advantage found anywhere on the Vegas strip. Don't like Blackjack? Stick to other table games rather than machine games, and your odds of winning improved.

6 - Just say no! I know, the first time you were in Las Vegas and you found out that beer and alcohol were provided for free while you play a casino game, you instantly placed a drink order. But think about it. Would Vegas spend literally tens of millions of dollars a year handing out free drinks if it wasn't profitable for them? Stay sober while you play, and your odds of winning in Vegas grow exponentially.

5 - Sign up for a Player's Card. At every casino you visit in Las Vegas, sign-up for the free Player's Card or Frequent Flyer card that is offered. Even if you do not plan on gambling there, you will receive discounted offers, sometimes even including free lodging. This might not make you a winner immediately, but can save you some serious money in the future.

4 - Budget, budget, budget! I know the last thing you want to do when on vacation is penny pinch. I don't do that myself, and I am not asking you to either. But you should have a preset budget of how much money you can afford to wager with. And if you do score a big win, pocket a substantial amount of your winnings so you can ensure a profitable trip. "Getting caught up in the moment" has seen more than one quick-win fortune squandered in Las Vegas.

3 Never, ever play Slots! Slot machines offer the worst possible winning percentage for the player, and far and away the best winning advantage for the house. Yes, they are cheap, some costing only a nickel. But once you sit down, a nickel becomes $1, that becomes $10, and before you know it, you are wondering how you could have lost $50 on a nickel slot machine. Stay away.

2 - Time your visit to Las Vegas. Going to Vegas just before Christmas, in late January and early February, and in the middle of the Summer guarantees you the best airfare and lodging rates. Also, staying in the middle of the week, Sunday through Thursday, will further maximize your ability to pay for the cheapest lodging and airfare, and cut down the crowds you have to fight to sit down at your favorite table or game.

1 - Don't go to Las Vegas! That's right, the #1 Guaranteed Way to win in Vegas is by never going there! The airfare and lodging alone could cost thousands. Then there are your eating, drinking and shopping expenditures to take into account. Heck, before you have even reached your favorite gaming table, you are in a virtually no-win situation. What's the alternative?

The incredible Las Vegas experience can now be delivered to your favorite PC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering a comfortable alternative to your favorite Vegas casino games, while still providing a potentially prodigious and profitable outcome. And there is no expensive airfare or lodging to consider, you can play any time you have a few minutes to spare, and online casinos treat you like a high roller, matching your initial account deposit with free bonus money. Now that's what I call a winning Las Vegas experience. Check our our list of high quality and reputable vegas online casinos.

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