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If you want to improve your odds of winning in any brick-and-mortar or online casino, you need to stick to skill-based games. A skill-based game is one whose outcome is determined at least partially by mental and/or physical skill, and not just pure chance. Video poker games are considered skill-based games, and that is why they are a better decision than other types of slots. In the standard video poker game, you are first given 5 cards from a standard 52 card, 4 suit deck, and you can choose to keep or discard any of those initial 5 cards. Smart poker players know which cards to hold given the initial five they are presented with. This drastically increases your odds of winning over the long term, and is a skill that definitely needs to be perfected if you decide to play video poker.

One of the main reasons video poker pays much better than other types of slot machines is the fact that they use a deck of cards, either virtual or physical, to determine the outcome. Since there are only 52 possible cards, there are a limited number of outcomes during every spin. Unlike slot games which can use a virtually unlimited number of colors and symbols, you can quickly understand your odds of hitting any possible hand in video poker. This allows you to make the most intelligent play 100% of the time.

And since online and brick-and-mortar casinos can not change the number of cards used in video poker, and you can quickly calculate your odds of hitting any prospective hand, the casino can only change how much they pay for particular winning hands to increase their profitability. Fortunately all video poker games must display what is called the Pay Table, as required by law. This table tells you with a glance how much each hand pays out according to how many lines or reels you bet. This provides you with a huge advantage before you even place your first bet. Simply find those video poker slot games, whether online or off, which offer the most profitable payback.

And the single best way to do this, something the pros do every time, is by checking the Full House to Flush ratio displayed on the video poker game you're thinking about playing. Literally in seconds you can decide whether a video poker slot machine is worth your time and hard-earned money. This is the single most important video poker tip used by professional players to decide which game to play, and should be your first move as well. Obviously, only compare apples to apples when selecting a machine or online video poker game to play, as different types of games will offer different odds. But as long as you are comparing, for example, one Jacks or Better game to another Jacks or Better game, simply choose the one with the higher payout for Full House and Flush hands that hit, and you will be playing like a pro before you invest your first nickel.

Want to know another secret strategy to improving your winning percentage when playing video poker? Just play from the comfort and privacy of your home at a reputable online casino as opposed to a brick and mortar video poker room, and your odds of winning escalate exponentially. That is because online casinos all offer free deposit match bonus money when you open an account, you can easily shop around quickly for the best Full House to Flush ratio, and some sites even continue to award you with free bonus money every time you make a subsequent deposit. That improves your bankroll immediately, and gives you something no brick-and-mortar or physical video poker machine ever will free gaming money delivered to your favorite PC without leaving your home.

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