NBA MLB and Penn State

It seems like the Dwight Howard saga has been put on hold by the Orlando Magic. Orlando explored several trade scenarios but just could not pull it off. At first the Brooklyn Nets were a suitable trade partner but when Orlando and Brooklyn needed other teams to complete the trade the deal fell apart. This is not the end of the Howard sweepstakes. The Nets signed center Brook Lopez to a 4 year 61 million dollar contract. Lopez would be the key player Orlando would want to complete any Dwight Howard deal. The Los Angeles Lakers entered trade discussions with Orlando and was offering center Andrew Bynum but Bynum would not agree to sign a contract extension with the Magic and Howard would not do the same for the Lakers so that quashed that potential deal.

I know it’s early to make a snap judgment on a rookie player but Jared Sullinger has looked really good in the first two summer league games for the Boston Celtics. He has lost a lot of the baby fat that he had while at Ohio State and he moving effortlessly on the offensive side of the ball. He has showed excellent post moves and the ability to make three point shots. The teams that passed on him in the last NBA draft are going to regret it.

The second half of the season begins on Friday and we are about two weeks away from the non-waiver trading deadline and some teams will have to make some decisions. This year’s deadline will be very active for two reasons. One there are some competitive races this season and the added wild card team to this year’s playoffs has many teams in contention.  The biggest name being talked about is Philladelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels Hamels who is in the last year of his contract is a valuable commodity because he is left a left hander, young, he is only 28 ,and he has had success in the post season.  The Phillies have talked about resigning Hamels but the front office has to decide whether to rebuild and trade Hamels or make another run at the World Series next season.

The news coming out of Penn State is not good. According to some e-mails it has been alleged that there was a cover of up of the Jerry Sandusky case by Penn State officials and the late coach Joe Paterno. If this can be proven the school is liable and a flood of law suits from the victims and the victims’ families. Also, there are rumblings that the NCAA could get involved because a charge of lack of institutional control a major violation could be proven. That could open up Penn State to NCAA penalties.   Keep up with the NCAAF betting odds as they come available here:

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