America’s Got Talent Finals Update – Talent Vs. Fan Faves

The first week of the America’s got talent season eight finals is behind us, and elimination claimed some shocking victims. Chicago Boyz and Innovative Force are gone, as are the KriStef Brothers, Branden James and the duo of D’Angelo and Amanda. The popular and once favorite Catapult has been sent packing as well, and AGT is left with six performers which make for a very ‘scratch your head’ combination of extremely talented individuals and less talented performers with rabid fan bases. Honestly, the in-your-face talent of three of the remaining six AGT acts is unquestioned, while the other three remaining performers with a chance at the $1 million season eight grand prize have made it this far thanks to incredibly devoted fans.

Unfortunately, the KriStef Brothers and Taylor Williamson had to battle it out head-to-head in week one of the finals competition. Most viewers believed that both of these acts would move on, and even Howard Stern expressed extreme dislike that one of the two had to go home. Operatic all-stars Forte and Branden James met up in week one of the finals, with the more talented Forte moving on. Jimmy Rose will also be present in week two finals competition, and probably improved his already supportive fan base by sharing a moving remembrance about 9/11.

That places Kenichi Ebina (probably the front runner at this point in time), Forte and the talented Cami Bradley in the finals along with Taylor Williamson, Jimmy Rose and Collins Key. Those first three performers are easily the most talented of this six-pack, but as we mentioned above, the last three have developed absolutely devoted fan followers who have helped them move on in the competition week after week.

For contrast, you have Cami Bradley, who you know is going to be solid and terrific every time, and a talent like Kenichi Ebina, absolutely unpredictable every week, but incredibly gifted. Forte has been equally as consistent as Miss Bradley, and Collins Key is as skilled a magician as you will find, but he really needs to work on his showmanship. However, magic always carries a big following that Key is benefiting from, and favorable show placement has definitely helped the less talented Rose. Weekly polls consistently show that he is not considered as talented as the other competitors, but he has performed last twice and second to last once, which keeps him fresh in voters’ minds.

Taylor Williamson is one of those enigmas that we find in AGT competition every year. There is no doubt that he is a very skilled and talented individual, but does he have what it takes to be the best? Timing is definitely on his side, as Williamson has slowly been improving week to week, and that timing could place him in the perfect spot to grab the $1 million prize. The Las Vegas odds on America’s Got Talent competitors during this finals competition shows some surprising long-shots and no-brainer favorites. Who is your choice to win the $1 million grand prize? Your ability to judge talent could deliver a nice little payday when you place a wager on the eventual winner of this year’s season eight America’s Got Talent competition.

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