The AGT Semi-Finals Continue On

Twelve more acts competed in the second AGT semi-finals for a spot next to last week’s first lucky three, and the simmering intensity reached a boiling point!

A noticeably all-leathery “All That!” gave a sultry performance with their clogs set ablaze before they dipped their smoldering digits into footbaths of water. Their tingling toes then took a quick dry during the expeditious finale. If AGT doesn’t work out for these guys, surely they can bring in the bucks by promoting this new 90-second foot-fire pedicure at salons across the country.

Mini “Mexican superhero” Sebastien “El Charro de Oro” went all-out opera with extravagant staging and costuming that brought the crowd to its feet. Howard admitted that the boy wonder is slowly making him a fan of Mariachi, but he also made note of Sebastien’s minor melodic fumbles.

YouTube sensation “The Magic of Puck” made good on his promise to step his act up. The lover of illusion won the crowd and judges over with an astonishing disappearing act.

Clint Carvalho with one of his 259 birds, “Kitten,” failed to elevate his clever kitty through the hoops-swooping act to Vegas level. Meanwhile, ever-awkward comedian Jacob Williams spewed nothing but stinky material for a straight 90 seconds.

Maurice Hayes’ churchy street corner riffs put a real drag on his daughter Shanice’s amazingly strong vocals. It’s time that either father and daughter have a heart-to-heart sit down about Maurice’s permanent retirement, or maybe Shanice should just hide his mic.

“All Wheel Sports'” dizzying acrobatics were pleasantly punctuated by a BMX landing snafu that Howard considered the best part of the act. Tim Hockenberry ground out Lennon’s iconic “Imagine” song but with a gritty simplistic flair that Sharon loved.

“The Untouchables” are the pre-pubescent prodigies who brought the house down and everyone to their feet with a Tango rendition that likely baffled even seasoned dance pros.

There was nowhere to hide from the delight that the adorable “Olate Dogs” effortlessly dished out. The dynamic dogs inspired Howie to proclaim this show to be the best AGT semi-finals ever!

“Lightwire Theater’s” exhilarating tribute to 3D Sci Fi was captivating even for hard-to-please Howard, who, however, wasn’t as impressed by “David Garibaldi & His CMYK’s” even though the group’s homage to the Statue of Liberty further substantiated the group’s unique artistry.

Next episode, America will have decided who among the semi-finalists will proceed a tad closer to the million-dollar finish line.

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