What is in Store for Season 7 of Americas Got Talent

What does a rapping grandmother, a bugle playing Bird and an Opera singing advertising manager have in common? They all heralded the arrival of the inaugural America’s Got Talent 2012 audition week, and this group of performers definitely proved that San Francisco contains a very eclectic population to say the least. But AGT didn’t come to San Fran just to showcase the poorer performers, and the first time the popular reality talent program showed up in Frisco proved that the city has something to offer America aside from the Golden Gate Bridge and Rice a Roni.

The real San Francisco treats were David Garibaldi and his performance art CMYK’s, the teenaged Lisa Clark Dancers, former alcoholic and Louis Armstrong sound-alike Tim Hockenberry and the previously homeless contortionist and street performer Turf. Season 7 was definitely jaw-dropping in both a positive and negative way. What more needs to be said about an 80-year-old rapper, Granny G, who performs with a walker? And the 2012 AGT season delivers the debut of radio personality Howard Stern, who was surprisingly kind to the San Francisco contestants when they needed it, and as strict and mean as his last name when that was required. Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne are back for more to round out the judging panel.

Proving appearances can be deceiving, 43-year-old advertising manager Kim McAfee was simply terrible in her operatic effort. Host Nick Cannon joining her on stage only made things worse, and Kim only proved you can never tell when you are looking at a diamond in the rough, or some finely polished cubic zirconia. The “Talent by the Bay” tryout also included comedian and impressionist Dave Burleigh, and male nurse and amateur opera singer Luis Meneghin, who sings for his patients. Both those performers were solid, and we will be seeing more of them in the future.

One performer you won’t be seeing on America’s Got Talent Season 7 after he – I mean she – was voted off by all three judges is Drag Queen Kotton Kandy. KK gave a definitely a memorable song and dance rendition that included the line “Let me see that tootsie roll” repetitively, and she proudly told the audience that, “If you like me, you like me. If you don’t, get over it.” Whether you thought Kotton Kandy was a tasty, talented treat, or she left a bad taste in your mouth, one thing is for sure. America’s Got Talent Season 7 has begun, and it looks like it’s going to be a Lucky 7 for AGT viewers in 2012.  Do you already have a favorite for Season 7?  Check out our odds on who will win America’s Got Talent.

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