DWTS Finale Offers Stellar Performances – Winner Up For Grabs

The “Dancing With the Stars” finale on Monday night, in which the final three couples danced twice for the judges’ scores and America’s vote, was a non-stop thrill show filled with energetic dance numbers from the three stars who have evolved over the course of the season into superb, sexy dancers. Each couple received at least one perfect score from each of the three judges, making the race for the coveted Mirror Ball trophy a tight one with no clear front-runner.

The final three stars, Latin telenovela star William Levy, classical Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins, and Green Bay Packer Donald Driver, danced one classic dance and one freestyle number during the hour-long show. The DWTS winners will be decided by popular vote and announced on Tuesday, May 22.

Cuban hunk Levy and partner Cheryl Burke kicked off the night with a brilliant cha-cha to Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” Levy’s hard work and practice have turned him into an exceptional dancer, and his good looks, great body, and sex appeal don’t hurt him, either. Levy received a perfect score—three 10s—for his performance.

Len Goodman, arguably the toughest judge on the panel, praised Levy’s performance saying, “That’s as good as I’ve ever seen in 14 seasons of cha-cha-cha!”

Levy and Burke’s freestyle number, danced to Skahira’s “Objection,” was a mix of tango and salsa moves, filled with some breathtaking lifts that showcased Levy’s athleticism and strength.  But this time, Goodman wasn’t as impressed, and he was the sole judge to give Levy and Burke a 9, so that they finished with an overall 59 out of 60 points.

“I liked it—I liked the lifts, I liked the changes of rhythm.  But, for me, it was too predictable…All you do is shake your butt and get the women screaming,” he groused.

Opera singer Jenkins and partner Mark Ballas landed a 30 also for their paso doble which judges hailed for its “technical brilliance” and then got another perfect 30 for their 20’s-themed freestyle which featured a combination of jive, quick step, and lindy hop.  Jenkins has been a judge and audience favorite all season long, and her perfect scores for the night put her in first place with 60 out of 60.

“That was the dance of a champion,” said judge Carrie Ann Inaba. “You are a champion.”

However, Driver and partner, Peta Murgatroyd, are also still in the running for the trophy.  Their first number, a tango, missed a perfect score because Goodman gave it a 9, calling it “a tad careful”. They redeemed themselves with a show-stopping Western-themed freestyle, featuring multiple lifts and turns. Driver finally earned a perfect 10 from Goodman, and judge Carrie Ann Inaba was effusive in her praise. Driver and Murgatroyd finished in a tie for second place with 59 out of 60 points.

“This is by far my favorite dance tonight, no offense to anyone else,” said Inaba.

With all of the stellar performances last night, the winner is truly up for grabs and should make for an exciting, suspense-filled result show.

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