SYTYCD – Couples Unite For the Boogie Fight

SYTYCD’s top-20 guys and gals were paired up to compete as couples for the first time. At stake are America’s votes to keep the lucky picks from feeling the judge’s fiery licks. The evening’s judges included Sir Nigel Lythgoe, Mamma Mary Murphy and mega-producer Kenny Ortega.

Host Cat Deeley introduced spider-phobe Witney and Chehon-bot to the stage for a “sizzlin’ samba” act that left the judges wanting more of Witney’s fire! Mr. Ortega felt that Witney “”kyrocketed” into space, and Nigel called her a “firecracker;” but, unfortunately, Chehon-bot’s ultra-technical dance training left him pigeon-toed and compensating throughout the routine. All judges agreed that he needed to take in a small dose of “chill.”

Master choreographer Sonya Tayeh whipped “Baby Hands” Tiffany and “Southern Food Grubbin’” George into contemporary dance perfection with an emotive routine that left Mary “breathless.” Nigel was convinced that Tiffany and George danced “all the way through to their fingertips.”

Shamu groupie Janaya and pizza-loving Brandon performed a serious hip-hop-inspired number about alcohol. Mr. Ortega believed that Janaya’s and Brandon’s bodies successfully translated the intended emotion, but both Nigel and Mamma Mary felt that Janaya needed to put some mo’ “stank” on it.

Sean Cheesman hates dancers. At least that’s what appears to be the case after he sent dancers through not one but two ridiculously intricate rapid-fire routines.

Alexa and Daniel were his first victims in his jazz routine that left the two gasping by the end of the ordeal. All the judges remarked about the tough calisthenics and weren’t entirely pleased with the dancers, either.

Amber and Nick danced up a dream that sent the judges floating. The audience and judges also put their paws together for Ms. Amelia, who showed her tail through most of her feline frolic with Will.

Dareian and belly dancer Janelle bumped it up to another Sean Cheesman torture tango. Mary believed that both dancers came out as winners, and the other judges agreed.

Broadway was good to Cyrus, who impressed the judges when he danced to a Broadway-inspired number with ballerina Eliana, compliments of Tyce “Jazz Hands” Diorio.

But it was Audrey and Matthew who gave the first of the judge’s two favorite performances for the night. Genius choreographer Travis Wall designed a riveting Titanic-inspired routine for the pair.

Meanwhile, Lindsay proved her magic with karate-kid Cole, and the judges stood in approval at the end of their electrifying act.

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