AGT’s Next Twelve Talents Rev Up the Live Quarterfinals

While America celebrated its birthday, the next twelve finalists prepped for their pivotal post-4th of July performances; and last night’s second-round quarterfinals did not disappoint.  Nick Gannon was back to his fashion senses and promptly began the evening’s AGT proceedings. Howie warned the contestants that they must give the best performances of their lives, or they’re “steppin home.”

First up was “LionDanceMe.” Whether that’s the group’s name or legitimate sadomasochistic command remains to be seen, but these martial artists from San Fran did promise to follow Howie’s advice and step up their colorful Chinese dragon balance routine with some new moves. But Howie got bored, and Howard warned that they needed to step it up even more.

Turns out, “Turf” turned his AGT Vegas stint into a one-way trip from San Fran. In Las Vegas, his street performing is bigger business, and he’s staying. However, the wandering contortionist hip-hopper had to make a 3000-mile pit stop on the AGT stage as he pursued his twisted million-dollar dream.

“The All Ways” band was all “Yeahs!” during their high-pitched production. The girlfriend-less foursome from New York dared to take on a pop song that brought nothing but sour notes from the judges. Sounds like the panty liner namesakes will be steppin’ over the Hudson soon.

Married illusionists “Hawley Magic” gave a spine-tingling performance after Jarett and Raja’s soggy-illusions from the last quarterfinals. Hawley hubby pierced his wife with a gigantic fondue stick, and the two poured on the cheese with their outdated showmanship.

All-American teen diva Danielle Stallings wowed the judges back from the boredom that quasi-cult “Lisa Clark Dancers” and hippie mind trippin’ “Aurora Light Painters” unleashed in back-to-back snoozer performances. Acrobatic wonders “Donovan and Rebecca” kept the thrills coming with their AGT victory that was sealed with a mid-air smooch.

But “Big Barry” and his even bigger band bombed amidst the crowd’s “BOOs!” The pint-sized crooning disaster caused AGT beef between Howie and Howard that carried through until the end of the show. Nick almost had to come down from the stage, telling Howard “Sit cho butt down!” when the two men got up in each other’s faces about “Big Barry’s” legitimacy.

Comedian Tom Cotter helped to quell the emotions—everyone agreed that his material was AGT semifinal-worthy. Tim Hockenberry’s emotions may have gotten the best of him during his performance, but Ben Blaque with his terrified assistant Devon shot their marks with brilliant precision. Next episode, we’ll see which of these contestants made a hit or a miss with America.

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