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Being named to the Major League Baseball All Star Game held annually at approximately the midway point of the regular season is an individual honor every MLB baseball player wants to add to their resume. The Midsummer Classic displays the best athletes from the National and American Leagues against each other, and they are selected by fans, other players, coaches and managers. The league that wins this fan favorite MLB event is rewarded with home field advantage in the World Series, a rule adopted in 2003 that adds incentive, and the game is usually played on the second Tuesday in July every year. Held in the famous Comiskey Park in 1933, the first All Star Game was supposed to be a one-time event, and was part of the World's Fair in Chicago, Illinois. The incredible success of that first Major League Baseball All Star Game means that today some 80 years later we still enjoy the contest which displays the best professional baseball talent in the world.;

About MLB Baseball All Star Game

Picking the winner of the annual MLB All Star Game would seem to be a coin flip. After all, both the National and American Leagues are comprised of the best professional baseball players in the world. And after the 2009 game saw the American League win by a score of 4 - 3 in Busch Stadium, the all-time series stood at 40 38 with 2 ties, giving the National League a very slight lead. And even more incredibly, as of the 2011 MLB All Star Game, the American League has scored a total of 341 runs with the National League slightly besting them with 344 runs scored.

What is seemingly an evenly matched contest has definitely had its impressive winning streaks for each league. Starting with the first All Star Game in 1933, the American League won an incredible 12 out of the first 16 annual games. But in 1950, the National League retaliated with an unbelievable 33 wins out of the next 42 All Star Games with one tie, carrying the event up to 1987. And during that stretch the National League won all but one game from 1963 to 1982, besting the American League in 19 out of 20 events.

And in recent years predicting the winner of this fan favorite has had its ups and downs as well. Since 1988 the American League has dominated the MLB All Star Game, winning 18 out of 23, and posting a 13 game unbeaten streak from 1997 to 2009 when they went 12 0 1. The All Star Game is also more than just a single baseball game. It is an entire three or four-day group of baseball-centered events, and the most impressive display of long ball hitting prowess takes place the Monday before the All Star Game, with the Home Run Derby.

If picking the winner of the MLB All Star Game is tough, choosing the eventual All Star Game Most Valuable Player is a virtual crap shoot. Vegas odds on All Star Game MVP candidates deliver some longshots every year capable of huge payouts, as the Ted Williams Most Valuable Player Award has been won by multiple recipients, first-time All Star Game participants, players on losing teams, four players have won it twice, and there has even been a father and son and brother combo taking home the hardware. Looking for an edge in the different leagues to predict the MLB MVP award winner? No help there, as the award which has been handed out since 1962 has seen 26 winners from the National League, and 24 from the American League. The only thing guaranteed each year at the Major League Baseball All Star Game is the competition will be heated, the players have something to play for, and the world's best professional baseball talent is on display.

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