12 AGT Wild Card Acts Come Back to Life

08/22/12 10:51 PM

After recovering from the shameful lack of talent it suffered from last week’s YouTube show, the AGT stage experienced some of the best talent it has seen to date.

Last night was the “Wild Card” show in which each of the three judges had the opportunity to bring back four of their favorite acts from AGT past to compete for a spot in the semifinals. These underdogs brought a wave of talent fury to America!

Spencer Horsman did not disappoint Howard, who brought him back, with what Spence called his “most dangerous escape” ever. He attempted to free his chained and bound body from suffocating in a tank filled with wet cement. When he ultimately emerged from this vat of insanity, the crowd applauded the death-defying delivery.

Although “All That” promised to get all sexied up when last they performed, they failed to satisfy a leather hot pants-seeking Sharon, who brought the synchronous cloggers back for another stomp at success. However, the group’s stage projection and light show didn’t compensate for the lack of body oil and finesse that is duly expected of this crew. Spit-Spot!

Howie had always believed in magic act “Jarrett and Raja” who didn’t let their second chance go to waste. Even though, as Howard pointed out, the duo did serve up a dose of cheese with their gritty bit, their disappearing piano act paid off.

Fifteen-year-old singer and Doogie Howser throwback Jake Wesley Rogers ditched his pop culture roots and went downright retro. He talk-sang through most of his 90-second run which only magnified his inexperience level; but if some partially sane promoter wants to do a “Buddy Holly Bore” tour, then Jake’s the guy to call.

Cristin Sandu, who balances on things that can only be described as spray-painted “things,” came back from a previous fumble, only to, well…fumble. Sandu’s quick recovery from his fall into a pit of flames, however, was actually the climax of the act.

A much-improved Todd Oliver was back with his jaw-chomping canine “Irving,” who always looks as if he’d rather be either sniffing pooch butt or hanging himself by a leash—any leash.

Bandaz Brothers proved that their initial elimination was uncalled for with their mouth-to-mouth balancing trick. These two are going to need the one million dollars for their dental bills alone.

Howie chose mini-singing sensation Sebastian for another America’s Got Talent go at a second chance. But his Mariachi-inspired tribute to Frank Sinatra was loud and pitchy enough to wake even Frank Sinatra.

And of course, what would this season’s AGT Wild Card episode be without “Horse” the nuts-bashing nut. Horse’s newfound talent was rendering Howie speechless by his ball-bruising act. But thankfully, the angel that is contortionist Lindsey Norton was literally sent from above the AGT stage, and she wowed everyone with her terrific twists and tumbles once again.

Andrew De Leon, the snake-eyed castrato singing nightmare, brought heavenly notes with a few or more melodic hiccups; but Ben Blaque ultimately ruled the night with a mere sound of a bell, a ripe red apple and a smartly-timed dart-shooting extravaganza.

Next episode, these underdogs will learn if these second chances will be their last.

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