Howie Finds Out If America Saves His Fave AGT Acts

AGT judge Howie Mandel dished out some tough love to most of last night’s contenders. Howie confessed that many of them were his faves, but they failed to rise to the occasion. Last night, all twelve quarterfinalists tried to stuff themselves into the four remaining spots, but America had the final say. Quirky comedian Jacob Williams beat out juggle-fail Mike Price and junkyard enthusiast Cristin Sandu for the first spot of the night. Nick Cannon assessed Jacob’s victory “pimp stroll” before moving on to a taste of some AGT behind-the-scenes action.

While cast and crew all scrambled to put on last night’s lavish show, Howie trudged about the studio asking anyone who gave a hoot whether he should wear his tacky hat or display his blinding baby brow.

Britain’s Got Talent winner Ashley sashayed with her amazing pooch “Pugsley” across the AGT stage, giving the AGT hopefuls a taste of her pup-flipping success before AGT gave America another week of shameless promotion live from the Orville green room.

The popcorn cam captured Nick “O yeah!” Cannon raining down the snack’s buttery goodness all over crazy Spence, who was bound by his metal straight jacket and gagged by popcorn abundance. The spectacle became an entirely different show at that point.

Soon thereafter, two more acts were plucked off. “Lightwire Theater” won the vote, while it was curtains for “All Beef Patty” and “Inspire the Fire.” Sharon firmly believed that “Lightwire Theater” “ruled the night” and that all the other acts didn’t stand a chance.

America was smitten by “The Untouchables,” who beat out “Elusive” and Jake Wesley Rogers before the audience showed Australian pop artist Havana Brown some red, white and blue love during her diva-rific show. Not only did she run the night, Havana ran the d.j. turntables, the mic, the stage, the lights…In this economy, a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do, and this diva did it ALL!

“All Wheel Sports” was a no-brainer win for the judges. Howard was the only one to praise “Wordspit the Illest’s” originality, while Sharon co-signed with Howie, who implied that the group was a marketing nightmare. Spencer Horsman audaciously campaigned for the judge’s wild card, even though it was America that sent him back home to polish up his boo-boo of an act.

Smells like another batch is cooking…Next week, the remaining finalists will fight to win Americas favor with their flavors.

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